Crowdfunding funding phase
I am Hallam London. Next year my new album “Be Yourself in 11 Easy Lessons” will be released. End of Days is kind of lesson number 10: Sometimes you get desperate and ask yourself: Why am I doing this? But then you find something that gives you new momentum. The video for End of Days marks a new beginning for me: new band, new show, new outfit! Now I need your support to make it happen!
4,478 €
Startlevel 5,000 €
Anja Wünsch
Anja Wünsch 4 days ago
Stefan Diez
Stefan Diez 5 days ago
Diana Stöhr
Diana Stöhr 8 days ago
Andrea Umlauft
Andrea Umlauft 9 days ago
Andreas Boine
Andreas Boine 9 days ago
Jens Franeck
Jens Franeck 13 days ago
Anna Katzwinkel
Anna Katzwinkel 13 days ago
Emilia Katzwinkel
Emilia Katzwinkel 13 days ago

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