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With the Heartbeat bus, we will create a mobile meeting point and bring music and arts to young people. Together with young folks from all countries, we want to realize mobile music production projects nationwide, where the youth can express themselves linguistically, musically, playfully and by dancing. In this way, we promote talent, creativity, community, language skills and, last but not least, the fun factor.
15,027 €
42,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 21/03/2017 11:19 o'clock - 02/05/2017 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period as of Winter 2017
Funding goal reached 11,000 €
2nd Funding goal 42,000 €
Category Education

What is this project all about?

In particular, socially disadvantaged young people have only few access to innovative education programs that stimulate the strengths and creativity of young people. That is why we want to implement the Heartbeat bus - an integrated professional mobile photo, film and sound studio - and thus reach and promote a total of several thousand young people. The entire studio and workshop equipment will be integrated and accessible in the Heartbeat bus. In addition, the bus transforms the event location into a place of diversity. We do not limit anyone and create an open air stage where everyone is welcome. After a year of joint workshops, we bring together all the participants at a central event to make the success visible and to celebrate.

We believe that young people can master their lives more successfully through the influence of examples, music, art and not least through education. We understand the Heartbeat bus as a musical meeting place where the young people discover their potential together and expand their horizons. The motto of all workshop formats, be it music, drama or dance, is to make us respectful and tolerant, to exclude no one, to use ourselves confidently for minorities and to remove prejudices together, creatively and in a language-oriented way. und sprachgewandt Vorurteile aus dem Weg zu räumen.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Objectives: To empower youth through the influence of music, art and culture. The target group is, in particular, socially disadvantaged children and young people, new arrivals, as well as any institutions which encourage children and young people e.g. Oprhanages, Children's homes, refugees' centers, associations, youth centers, schools, youth educational institutions, integration offices, etc.

Why would you support this project?

Our slogan is: "Change the life of youth and eventually you will change the course of the world." Whoever supports this project is involved in creating a mobile platform for young people in the field of music and art. In addition, the integration, inclusion and formation of democracy of the future generation will be promoted.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The donation budget will be invested in the construction and use of an integrated professional mobile sound studio: the Heartbeat bus. It is planned to buy a mini-van (for example MB Springer or similar) and the necessary fixtures, such as a singing booth, a mixing console, a computer, keyboards, microphones, screens, acoustic elements, etc.
With the funding threshold of € 11,000 we can implement projects from winter 2017 onwards. We can also draw attention to the Heartbeatbus on the "Hessentag Festival" and find sponsors. With our funding goal € 42,000 we directly finance the appropriate bus with the necessary equipment so that we can start from winter together with you. From 2018 onwards, further federal states will follow, so that over the next three years we will realize projects across Germany to enrich hundreds of thousands of children and youth.

Who are the people behind the project?

Heartbeat is a young organization that develops and implements social music projects with young people. The initiators are Rico Montero (Musician, Hip Hop Artist, Audio Engineer, integration Ambassador) and Reza Solhi (Innovation, CSR, specialist and Master of Strategic Marketing, Coach for young people with migration background). In 2016 Heartbeat started as a social start up at the incubator Social Impact Lab Frankfurt.
Behind the project are also other coaches, artists, music therapists, art educators, language therapists and many volunteers.

Legal notice
Gemeinnützige Heartbeat Edutainment UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Reza Solhi
Falkstraße 5, C/O Social Imact Lab
60487 Darmstadt Deutschland

Vertretungsberechtigte Personen Reza Solhi & Riccardo Montero


The Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, is a network of hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements & their drive to make a contribution to society.

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