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Black Magic in the Shadow of Skyscrapers. From the creators of SPESSART TALES.

Ida is a witch from the Spessart forest who lives in Frankfurt and earns a living by selling cursed love locks that end relationships. She wouldn't dare to believe that there could be any consequence to her actions. Unintentionally, though, her black magic has unleashed something. Something that arrives downstream in Frankfurt just in time - while Ida is performing an ancient ritual in the middle of the frozen river.
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4/22/18 - 8/5/18
Summer 2018 till early 2019
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7,750 €
Frankfurt am Main
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What is this project all about?

Jealousy and envy have a magical weapon that noone can be shielded from. What does this weapon do to those who forge it? And to those who use it? This is the subject of our film. That, and witches who - in the shadows of skyscrapers - use their dark art on people, but eventually must fear for their own skin. (Running time: 45 Min.)

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

After our previous films EDGE OF THE WOOD and VALLEY OF THE SHADOW we now want to make something different with DOWNSTREAM. This film is going to be a supernatural, atmospheric fantasy/mystery film like its predecessors. But it will take place away from abandoned forests or old mines, and not in ancient times: it will take place in the big city, right here and right now.

Our audience is you. If you seek an adventure. If you like to stand with one leg in modern genre cinema, and with the other in the mists and ancient German tales. If you're looking for the sweet spot between the HARRY POTTER films, the GRIMM FAIRYTALES, and the Netflix series DARK: that is what's waiting for you DOWNSTREAM.

Why would you support this project?

Once upon a time, creepy fairy tales from the heart of Europe conquered the globe: HANSEL AND GRETEL, SNOW WHITE, and LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD.

Once upon a time, German fantastical cinema was a world-renowned brand: NOSFERATU, FAUST, METROPOLIS, THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI, DR. MABUSE and THE GOLEM.

We Germans have an itch for fantastic stories, an itch that haven't scratched long enough. We want to tell tales for a wide-eyed audience like you. And all good tales begin with, ‘Once upon a time…’

Once upon a time there was a bunch of lovers of genre films from Berlin, Zurich and Vienna, from London, New York, Paris and Sydney. Those people believed that great fantastical stories could come from anywhere in the world. They felt that German cinema had hidden its dark, supernatural side long enough - and that it was long since time to do something about that.

Let’s make this tale come true. Let's gather around the globe. Let's breathe life into another GOLEM. Let's get hypnotized by another CALIGARI. Let's awaken another NOSFERATU. Together.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Your money will create a world—a fantastical world you'll instantly believe. A dark witch’s cellar, a nocturnal frozen river with magic passing by right under its surface - and right before your eyes. Your money creates people. Characters with whom you'll feel, with whom you'll fear, with whom you'll marvel, hate, love and fight for survival.

Your money brings this world to life: with glue, nails and pressboard, with every line in the script, every note in the music, every mouse click in the visual effects, every layer on the soundtrack, every full tank on the way to the set, every meal during the shooting break, every thread in the costume, every brushstroke on the scenery, and every late night working hour that we simply don't mind. Every sounding of the clapperboard, every completed visual effects shot, every finished scene, brings us a little closer to making this world real. And when you enter it for 45 minutes, you will be astounded by what your contribution has helped creating.

Who are the people behind the project?

Behind DOWNSTREAM is the the team of SPESSART TALES ( | facebook, instagram, twitter: @spessarttales), a non-profit network of German and international film professionals. Dominik Lando is our producer, Matthias Noe our writer/director. And we've assembled an amazing crew. For all of us, Germany is not a film desert, but a place where European cinema can redefine its mindset on genre films.

Genre films are everything we feel we lack in German film. We've had our fair share of comedy and crime drama. What we need more, are German thrillers, mysteries, and tales of the supernatural. The world thirsts for our own sense of wonder, our larger than life set pieces, our swelling music, and all that has given us - all of us! - goosebumps for thousands and thousands of years. We want to deliver just that. And we want to go on this journey... with you.


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Spessart Tales
Dominik Lando
Taunusstraße 50
65183 Wiesbaden Deutschland


HESSEN-FILM und Medien

Our project is supported by the Film Board of the State of Hessia, the home of the Brothers Grimm.


Dragon tamer Christian Stadach (VFX for GAME OF THRONES ) and company will provide us with visual effects services.

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