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Guts for Change - Hitching a Ride
We hitchhike from Germany to India to build toilets at a residential school for over 400 children. With the tour we draw attention to the santiation crisis and to the fact that in India alone, over 600 million people don't have access to a toilet. We want to make a film about our tour through Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Pakistan as well as about the toilet project. This campaign is to make the production of the film possible. For every Euro we receive we donate 50 Cents to the project.
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Johann Angermann
Johann Angermann1 min Lesezeit

After weeks on the road, we got back to Berlin two weeks ago. We had wonderful experiences on the way, quite a few adventurous moments on the tour and a good time at the school with the children of the Adhevasi Ashramshala Residential School.

Now we got two weeks left, to push the crowdfunding campaign, so that we can take the winter months to produce an inspiring and fun film that can make a difference.

Thanks for reading this short update. We'll be back with more updates, videos and blog posts shortly.

In the mean time, enjoy this song that we recorded while on the road with Abdul Raouf in Kazakhstan =).

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