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With your help our cultural exchange project between international and Leipzig artists can continue after COVID 19 is gone.

Artists from all over the world come to Leipzig, Germany for cultural exchange. Our communal space offers each artist a studio of their own, while fostering experimentation, collaboration and discourse. Every quarter 12 international and 2 local artists, a curator and a team of interns participate. Our diverse program includes museum, exhibition and studio visits, relevant city tours etc. During their time here the artists participate in 2 exhibitions. Artists are now trapped in their countries.
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5/11/20 - 7/14/20
10.05.2020 - 10.06.2020
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What is this project all about?

In our 456 m² industrial space, we give artists the time and space they need to create without life’s daily distractions. By bringing people from all over the world together, we encourage International exchange. Preconceptions and prejudices are lost when people from different cultures spend time together.

Currently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are no flights. Our artists are stuck in lockdown in their home countries and can not get here. We are an independent residency and run solely on the fees paid by the artists. No artists, no fees. Rent still has to be paid. You see our predicament.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal remains to empower artists and encourage International exchange. We look forward to when we can have a full studio with the sound of busy artists. The ones who were supposed to come in July have all postponed. October is still precarious, as no one knows when flight restrictions will lift. And it is more than that. Many artists are also facing financial uncertainty because they had quit jobs or given up housing to come here.

We want to be here when things reach the new normal. We have received some of the funding from Germany, but it is not enough.

Why would you support this project?

The PILOTENKUECHE Art Program experience can enrich an artist’s life. Time spent in another country or city with nothing to do but your art can be a catalyst for change. It could also give room for experimentation that may lead right back to what you were doing before coming. The experiences and people the artists, curator and interns encounter often produce relationships that last far beyond the residency.

You, as a supporter, have the ability to empower and encourage artists in a deep and meaningful way.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money raised will cover rent, utilities and running costs for the remainder of 2020.

If artists are able to join after all, we will fund our International Artist Exchange program. We send one artist a year from Leipzig to participate in Goodyear Arts in Charlotte, North Carolina. We were in the process of looking for funding for the program when the virus stopped us from making plans.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are just two people depending on a team of revolving interns and curators to make the impossible happen.

Julianne Csapo, Executive Director

German/Romanian Sculptor and performer, Julianne organizes the entire application process from start to finish. Her dedication continues once the artists arrive as she supports the artists in their everyday needs

maeshelle west-davies, Artistic Director / Coordinator

maeshelle hails from The States originally, but has lived in the UK and Germany since 1996. Her skills as a visual artist, curator and culture writer help her in her varied roles once the artists have arrived. She is responsible for the team, the website and social media, among other things.

PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program

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