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The system of work is changing. Digital transformation, generational change, market pressure. Humans Of New Work is a platform that creates a movement that rethinks work. We cultivate raw, personal stories aimed at inspiring and encourage others to make change happen in their own working sphere. We believe work is meant to be appreciated, sustainable and purposeful for oneself, the community, and society as a whole not only today but also in future. Together we shape the future of work.
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What is this project all about?

Uncovering possibilities for new ways of working.

In most organizations today change is more often than not a sluggishly slow process. Meanwhile, more and more employees feel the impact of an ever-widening gap between personal values, goals and passions and the limitations and realities faced in the workplace. Today’s times call for new orientation, perspectives and ideas on how to create more beneficial new ways of working.

Humans Of New Work is a platform tasked with showcasing perspectives and possibilities for a new world of work. Through personal stories of individuals who’ve dared question the work system status quo, we celebrate those who co-create and drive new ways of working. Company directors, who are searching for answers to questions big and small, like how leadership can work with the Millennial generation or what types of job sharing are possible on a leadership level. Or a manager, who is looking for new ways of restoring work-life balance. Or a young professional who's curious about which criteria should dictate their first job.

What connects Humans Of New Work is their curiosity, their openness to forge a new path in organizations and the world. By sharing their personal stories with all their failures and successes, we inspire every individual to join the movement and tell their story.

To this end, in the future Humans Of New Work will explore producing video spots alongside to the written stories. We’re also planning on bringing the community into the conversation offline. Discover below how we plan to do this in “Where does the money go?”

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Business leaders and founders, employees and managers, freethinkers and students.

It doesn’t matter if you’re confronting the growing war for talent as a founder or leader, if you’re searching for your dream job as a recent graduate, or if you’re unsatisfied as a current employee faced with the entrenched working hour model. Everyone can be part of the new world of work.

Our goal is to grow a community that learns, supports, and inspires each other both on and offline. At Humans Of New Work, that’s how we see individuals, communities, our society and ultimately the world can be changed for the better — this is our vision.

Why would you support this project?

To empower a movement for a new world of work.

If you are hungry for alternatives, desire a more human approach to work or idealistic about making the world just a little bit better.

As a company: To gain insights into the ‘employee of the future’ — what drives, attracts, and keeps them within an organization. To rethink the attitudes, purpose, and identity of your organization to derive fresh ideas for a more human way of co-working.

As an individual: To discover the new, collect ideas to shape your career path, gain insider information from organizations that already enable innovative work concepts. To connect with like-minded people and move to shape new work.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

What happens when you send us 20,000 EUR?

We’ll create a strong foundation to continue cultivating and developing stories and profiles for Humans Of New Work until the end of this year 2017 with the express goal of knowledge sharing and community involvement.

What happens when you pledge 40,000 EUR?
We’ll take the next step! In addition to our stories, we want to expand our digital storybook with live video and other interactive media, continue to build a community that engages questions, exchanges advice and brainstorm to contextualize concepts behind new work. We will co-create our platform with you, the community, to really make it something of our own. This pledge will also help us gear us up for growing beyond the far north throughout the whole country as we look to expand our platform nationally and internationally.

What happens when you blow our mind with a 100,000 EUR pledge?
At first, we’ll be speechless. Then really grateful as we celebrate, falling into one another’s arms. Finally, there will be a lot of cheering, dancing and celebrating (all copiously documented on our Instagram Stories and more).

With 100,000 you’re paving the way for us to make our vision come true — not for you but WITH you. We’ll plan events in Berlin, Hamburg and beyond to join the protagonists behind Humans Of New Work. We’ll bring new work topics to the forefront in organizations, politics and the public to support and accelerate the change towards a more human, purposeful world of work.

Who are the people behind the project?

Bringing humanity, purpose and soul to the forefront in organizations.

In 2015, Julia von Winterfeldt founded SOULWORX SOULWORX; a strategy consultancy focused on developing new ways of working and cultural change within organizations. Placing purpose at its very core, SOULWORX is a female-only core team with a network that extends beyond their Hamburg home base to Berlin. SOULWORX has a mission of making the working world a more purpose-driven and human-centered place.

In previous roles as general manager in the agency and consulting industries and today as a founder, Julia von Winterfeldt has put many new work concepts into practice, which is how she knows how invaluable it is to learn from one another and experience support.

The SOULWORX team is made up of explorers, conveyors, and creators of the new world of work. To focus specifically the individuals separate from our work with organizations, we created Humans Of New Work, a passion project that allows us to learn more about the doers behind the inspiring businesses and organizations.

Our protagonists are always carefully selected with personal purpose, openness, and authenticity at the forefront. We look to individual’s personal development, as well as the capacity for innovation and the social and innovative relevance of the company.

We believe change only happens through the power of what we call ‘Collective Genius.' For us, every human is a possibility for change. We don’t have all the answers, but we're determined to help search for them with you to co-create a better future for us all. We’re excited for you to join us on this journey as we develop Humans Of New Work and help push the evolution of the work system forward.
We all shape new work. Join the movement!

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