ICOON for refugees
ICOON for refugees helps refugees communicate. A simple book with 1,000 symbols and photos can overcome any language barrier. It uses pictures when words fail. We would like to make communication easier when refugees and helpers meet and provide as many free books as possible to helpers and helping organisations. For every euro you donate we will print one book and make the free android app available for download.
23,023 €
Charlott Roth
Charlott Roth / Projektberater
Great, that this idea is going to be realized. I’m very happy with the project!
 ICOON for refugees
 ICOON for refugees
 ICOON for refugees
 ICOON for refugees
 ICOON for refugees

About this project

Funding period 10/19/15 9:54 AM - 11/20/15 11:59 PM
Realisation 30
Startlevel 10,000 €
Category Education
City Berlin
Website & Social Media
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Gosia Warrink
Chausseestr. 116
10115 Berlin Deutschland

USt.-Id Nr. DE 251 080 551


DRK-Kreisverband Offenbach e.V.

"The ICOON book and the "First Communication" leaflet were a big help to us and the refugees, especially when an interpreter was not available." A. Dümpelmann Deputy Emergency Services Manager

Learning German for refugees

The digital language learning opportunities offered by the Goethe-Institut: self-learning courses, speaking exercises, videos, interactive vocabulary trainer and information on how to deal with authorities in everyday life and find a job.

Unser Partner für Übersetzungen

text&form is a top global language service provider based in Berlin. Founded in 1996, text&form has grown organically into various innovative areas of the industry and remains at the forefront of language technology.

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