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I prepare insects it a way that everyone likes them! Get "insected" and try cricket burger, buffalo smoothie and more. You'll see it tastes good, is very healthy and a sustainable alternative to other animal proteins.
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Funding period 3/26/19 11:22 AM - 5/9/19 11:59 PM
Realisation Autumn 2019
Start level 2,000 €

To coverage of the costs for setting up Luculla culinaria. The cooking workshops will be held in rented locations.

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City Sulz

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What is this project all about?

Insects are a great food, they taste delicious, are incredibly healthy and on top of that produced way more sustainably than other animal protein sources. In my cooking workshops and tasting sessions I show you, how to prepare them in a delightful way and why it is good for all of us to eat them.

Convincing taste
In my studies ‘Food and Drink Innovation’ at Abertay University in Dundee (Scotland) I did a master’s project about the acceptance of insects as food in western society and researched a lot about this topic. There I also tried insects for the first time.

In the beginning I also had to overcome my personal barriers when first trying insects. But I quickly realized, that it was only psychological and that the taste of insects and their crispy consistency is actually really tasty.

  • Grasshopper – crispy, neutral, a bit like chicken
  • Cricket – crispy, earthy, like mushroom
  • Buffaloworm – crispy, slightly sweet
  • Mealworm – crispy, slightly nutty

Diverse usage
After discarding one’s initial concerns it is possible to experiment a lot with insects in the kitchen. They are very versatile and can be integrated in sweet but also savoury recipes and in powdered form they are perfect for smoothies, cereals, soups, salads, bread, sauces, cakes, and many more.

A new superfood
Especially with their excellent nutritional values insects offer an ideal supplement for our diet.

  • Low calorie
  • High protein content (50 – 70%)
  • Healthy, unsaturated fats
  • Vitamins A, B, B12
  • Minerals iron, zinc, calcium, potassium

2 in 1 – protein and sustainability
Insects combine the advantages of animal and plant based protein. From a quality perspective they are comparable to meat as they contain a lot of high quality protein and essential amino acids which are easily absorbed by the human body. At the same time their production is sustainable and resource saving comparable to plant based protein sources.

Are we heading towards a food crisis?
Especially in regards to the exponentially rising world population and predicted food crisis it is in my opinion extremely important to become more aware about the effects of our own eating behaviour in a global context.

With a meat consumption of more than 60 kg of meat per capita per year, Austria is one of the leading countries within the EU. From a global viewpoint, meat production quadrupled within the last 60 years. The only way how to produce such a big volume is through extreme large-scale of life-stock farming, use of anti-biotics and genetically modified animal feed etc.

On a global scale the meat industry causes the same amount of pollution and greenhouse gases as the entire transport sector. Already in 2013 a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN pointed out explicitly, that insects as a food source do have an enormous potential for the future.

Small but great!
Insects need a lot less feed, land and water than traditional animal farming and from a sustainability perspective have a lot of advantages:

  • Use of human food waste as insect feed
  • Efficient use of feed to produce body protein
  • Produce little greenhouse gases
  • Rearing conditions are ethically acceptable
  • No risk of transmission of diseases onto humans

Two billion people already eat insects
Therefore insects are an ideal combination of good taste, high quality nutrients and sustainable production. In many other countries and regions of this world, insects are already enjoyed and appreciated as a delicacy. However, in western society it is very unusual and most people have fears and many questions about the consumption of insects.

In my opinion, it is necessary to focus on two topics, in order to promote insects as a good food source in Europe:

  • Expand commercial availability
  • Increase awareness among population

In my cooking workshops and tasting sessions I exactly aim at point 2. With me, you can try insects in a tasteful appealing way. Processed and in the final product not visible anymore the threshold lowers and you can enjoyably relish my grasshopper-pizza sticks, cricket burger, buffaloworm muffins and many more.

Vorarlberg’s first insect cooking workshop
The cooking workshops will be held in groups of 8-12 people and take place in the future Luculla culinaria cooking studio in Sulz, Austria.

Different themes available:

  • NSECT INTRO – for insect virgins and sceptics – insects only in powdered form
  • NSECT EXPLORER – for curious and experienced ones – insects in powdered and whole form
  • INSECTOGAN – for lovers of plant based foods – vegan food supplemented by insects
  • INSECT FITMEAL – vegetarian high protein recipes supplemented by insects

In this workshop you get to know everything about culinary insects, the benefits and how to use them in the kitchen. Then we will cook together in teams of two or three a delicious 3-course meal which we will enjoy together in casual atmosphere.

After the workshop you will receive all recipes and you will also be able to buy insect products or starter packages with further recipes. So you already can stock up for your next insect meal at home.

Workshops, Starter packages or Merchandise: Ideal also as an original gift!

Please consider: if you are allergic to shellfish or dust mites you might also be allergic to insects.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

As a passionate insect eater and expert in the field of insect cuisine, it is my goal to inspire people to eat this great food, to empower them to try new things and to broaden their own horizons – to get "inected”.

In my workshops I give you the necessary know-how to continue the Insect Food Revolution in your own kitchen.

Insects as an extraordinary and enjoyable experience
For all those who enjoy trying something new, like to experiment and are open experiment to the new food of our future.

Insects as a high-protein dietary supplement
For athletes and all others who value a healthy and balanced diet.

Insects as a sustainable consumer alternative
For people who want to consume consciously and use the high-quality nutritional profile of insects.

Insects for YOU <3
Insects are an optimal addition to any diet.

Why would you support this project?

Anyone who wants our planet to continue to exist as a worthwhile and liveable place also for future generations should engage with possibilities for a more sustainable consumer behaviour.

Eating insects is a good way to reduce your ecological footprint. In addition to other topics such as seasonal, regional, organic and unpackaged, for me also the reduction of meat consumption is a vital part of a conscious form of nutrition. Insects can easily be integrated into a predominantly plant-based diet and are therefore an optimal supplement.
If you are interested, but don't quite dare to get involved in the Insect Food Revolution yet, then you've come to the right place.

  • In my cooking workshops and tasting sessions I'll show you how insects are prepared in an enjoyable way and why it's good for all of us to eat them.
  • The focus is on enjoyment and cooking together. It’s about taking inspiration and recipes with you so that you can prepare and enjoy insects yourself in the future.

For me it is no question – insects have come to stay. Get “insected” and take part in this Future Food Revolution.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The founding of Luculla clinaria – delicious insect food takes a lot of my time and money.

  • The first funding target of EUR 2,000 serves to cover the costs for the necessary infrastructure.
  • With the second funding target of EUR 10,000 it will be possible to set up the planned cooking studio in my location in Sulz-Röthis and to give a place to the Insect Food Revolution in Vorarlberg. It is planned to start with the reconstruction work in summer 2019 and to be able to carry out the first workshops in the Luculla clinaria cooking studio starting in autumn 2019.

Further development
Topics that I would also like to realize in the future are:

  • Offering smaller insects food caterings
  • Establishment of a small shop and/or online shop for trading insect food products
  • Own breeding of insects
Who are the people behind the project?

My name is Anja Sieghartsleiter, I am 32 years old and live in Dornbirn. I have always been an enthusiastic foodie and interested in current food trends.

With a gastronomic education and professional experience, as well as a basic degree in economics, I decided in 2016 to study for a Master in "Food and Drink Innovation" in Scotland. There I worked intensively on insects as food as part of my master thesis and conducted a consumer study on the acceptance of insects as food in Western countries.

I realized that this is a hot future topic when I noticed how many people are actually interested and open, but just don't have the courage yet. As a pioneer, I began experimenting with insects in the kitchen and creating a variety of new taste combinations.
My long-cherished dream of setting up my own business in the food sector has now come true with Luculla culinaria - delicious insect food. I bring with me the necessary passion and motivation as well as know-how and expertise.

I am the ambassador for insect cuisine in Vorarlberg.

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