2 bands, 2 monstrous jams and with your help a beautiful hazy vinyl edition ... Take a far out trip into 40 minutes of musical void with us ... Experience why we want to do a really SPECIAL VINYL RELEASE of this strange journey ... Soak it in and get lost ... More details below.
2,496 €
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt / Projektberater
Yay, the project rocked it and the campaign is successful!

All orders shipped

Deaf Proof
Deaf Proof1 min Lesezeit

FINALLY the last open orders of the Mount Hush Deaf Proof Interstellar Smoke Split LPs have been shipped yesterday by Deaf Proof .
The German backers of this last batch should all get their LPs within the next days, those from overseas or countries that are not part of the EU will have to wait a little longer, in the worst case a few weeks.

THANKS gain folks for the support, the patience and enjoy!

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