2 bands, 2 monstrous jams and with your help a beautiful hazy vinyl edition ... Take a far out trip into 40 minutes of musical void with us ... Experience why we want to do a really SPECIAL VINYL RELEASE of this strange journey ... Soak it in and get lost ... More details below.
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Yay, the project rocked it and the campaign is successful!

Status of the "Interstellar Smoke" EP

Mount Hush
Mount Hush1 min Lesezeit

Hello friends and supporters!

It's been a long time since our last status update, so even though the vinyl unfortunately won't be in your mail as a christmas present (we all hoped for that), we'd like to share some news with you guys before the holidays:

First of all: The release WILL happen. As some of you might have heard, the test pressings finally arrived! After a long period of endless mail transfer with Startnext as well as with the pressing plant, we'll be ready to confirm the quality of the vinyls in the upcoming days and line in for the production queue.

Unfortunately, even after the christmas rush the pressing plant is booked out for quite some time. So right now, due time for shipping is Mid May with even further delays to be expected...

So yeah, in the end the whole process will probably take about a year... All we can do right now is thank you for your support once again, wish you a fuzzy christmas and promise to be in touch again as soon as we got some new information to share!

hush - peace - love
Mount Hush & Deaf Proof

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