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A bitter comedy about the absurd cruelty of conversion therapies and a statement against discrimination against queer people.
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Funding period 3/19/21 5:46 PM - 4/18/21 11:59 PM
Realisation Juli - September 2021
Minimum amount (Start level) 5,000 €

This first funding goal is to cover the basic production costs of the film. Every euro more goes to the actors and crew.

Category Movie / Video
City Schwerin

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What is this project all about?

The story centres on Johannes who, after years of therapy, hopes to finally be cured of his gayness and marries Marie from his community.
But the wedding turns into a disaster, during which Johannes finally realises that it is not he who needs healing.

You want the whole story? Be aware of spoilers!

TWO-HEADED CALVES is set on Johannes' wedding day, which is supposed to bind him to Marie forever. But for Johannes this day means much more. It is the crowning conclusion of his therapy and the beginning of his life as a "normal man".
But nothing goes as planned. A sudden downpour causes the celebration in the garden of Christ Church to fall into the water, during the bride and groom's grand entrance Johannes steps on his bride's dress and when Marie goes on stage and sings a song that she has written especially for Johannes to express their love, he runs out of the hall and has to throw up.
When Marie confronts him, Johannes confesses that he had been gay, but had "successfully" treated his homosexuality with Dr. Hummel and now only wants to be with her. Marie no longer understands the world and Johannes calls Dr. Hummel for help to convince Marie that he is "cured".

Attention bigger Spoiler!
But Marie doesn't believe a word Johannes says and gets drunk without restraint, and when the community finally learns of Johannes' homosexuality, the situation threatens to escalate. There are wild insults, discrimination and fights, so that the waiter Farshad, who is also gay, finally takes heart and takes Johannes' side.

In the end it is Marie who stops the desperate Johannes from throwing himself off the roof and the two decide to have their marriage annulled.
marriage and make a brilliant speech in front of the assembled congregation
speech on the freedom of love. The film ends in an absurdly
Bollywood style. There is kissing, dancing, celebrating and
and perhaps a little more.

The name explains itself when you see the film. So when the film comes about, you will find out what the film title means.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

[bAre you gay, lesbian, trans or simply queer?
Imagine a world where your sexual orientation doesn't matter, a world where you don't have to come out every time you meet new people.

You come from a very conservative background?
Wouldn't it be wonderful if your relatives, your friends, your work colleagues would accept you as you are? And you wouldn't have to be afraid of coming out?

You are simply interested in the topic?
Surely you know people in your environment who are gay, lesbian, trans or queer. Wouldn't it be wonderful if these people could live without fears of not belonging or being wrong?

Conversion therapies
Conversion therapies are the cruel expression of a society that finds gay, lesbian, trans or queer people deviant and tries to squeeze them into a mold they don't fit.

more about conversion therapy!?
Konversionstherapien sind zwar seit 2020 zumindest in Deutschland weitestgehend verboten, werden aber immer noch praktiziert.

Die Bundesstiftung Magnus Hirschfeld schreibt dazu:
"Sogenannte „Konversionstherapien“ für homosexuelle und trans* Menschen sind aus medizinischer Sicht nicht nur unsinnig, sie richten bei den Betroffenen schweren psychischen und physischen Schaden an. Unseren Schätzungen zufolge wurden in Deutschland allein im Jahr 2019 mehr als 1000 Personen wegen ihrer nicht-hetero- sexuellen Identität „behandelt“, legt man die in unserer Kommission empfohlene, wissenschaftliche Definition von Konversionsbehandlungen zugrunde.
Auch wenn derartige Behandlungen mit den ärztlichen und Verbände-Standesregeln längst nicht mehr vereinbar sind, werden sie von manchen Ärzt_innen, Psychotherapeut_innen, -analytiker_innen, von Eltern, in der Seelsorge Tätigen und auch von Laien nach wie vor an- geboten."

Wir glauben deshalb, dass es an der Zeit ist, diese abscheulichen Praktiken in einem Film kritisch zu beleuchten.

Why would you support this project?
  • If you support us, together we can help ensure that everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender, can live openly and without fear.
  • The visibility of queer people has increased in recent years, most recently with the #actout campaign of 185 queer actors and actresses. However, there are still areas of life where queer people meet with incomprehension, rejection and violence, such as in some very religious or conservative circles, where being gay is branded as sinful and diabolical.
  • For us, calves with two heads has become an absolute project of the heart and we very much hope that you will actively support us in this. Let's make a statement together for more acceptance in all groups of society.
How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

from april to june we will assemble the final cast and prepare the shoot and probably start shooting in july. And a professional film shoot costs money:

  • Actors
  • Camera
  • Director
  • Assistants
  • light
  • Sound
  • Costumes
  • Props
  • Location
  • Catering
  • Accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Technique
  • Postproduction
  • Colorgrading
  • Sound design
  • editing
  • and and

We rely completely on professionals and want to pay them in the best possible way, especially in these times of Corona.

Who are the people behind the project?

We wrote the script together. We are Jennifer Sabel, Andreas Hammer and Benjamin Kramme. All three of us are full-time actors.

Jennifer Sabel
plays Marie (next to Johannes), the main character)

Benjamin Kramme
will direct and produce the film
Andreas Hammer
play Johannes (the main character) and will produce the film.

Jean-Pierre Meyer-Gehrke
our very appreciated director of photography

Benjamin Kramme and Jennifer Sabel live in Schwerin and have been realizing independent film projects there since 2018 with their production company Wunschkindfilm:
For their short film ALTERNATIVEN they received numerous short film awards, such as the Short Film Beaver of the Biberach Film Festival and the Special Award for Political Education.

Andreas Hammer
himself gay lives in Leipzig and has joined Wunschkindfilm for this project.

Moving Angel
For KÄLBER MIT ZWEI KÖPFEN Wunschkindfilm cooperates for the first time with the Stuttgart-based production company Moving Angel:

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