Crowdfunding finished
Latif, a young dolphin in the Red Sea off Hurghada, will die, if we don't help him. He's been dragging a rope wrapped around his tail fin for a very long time. The rope cuts into Latif's flesh, causing pain and the risk of infection. In the worst-case, one day the tail fin will be cut off by the rope, and that is a certain death for the dolphin. But Latif isn't the only one stuck with this problem: there are three other dolphins suffering from rope entanglement.
6,250 €

First milestones reached!

Ulf Marquardt
Ulf Marquardt1 min Lesezeit

Dear supporters:

You are fantastic!

It only took a few days and we already collected more than € 2000! Thank you very much for that. You can't move mountains with the money, but, well, we don't intend to. And we hope we can collect more before the campaign ends.

So far, most of you have become aware of Latif during my lecture tour. Now that the journey is over, the second stage of our advertising campaign for the "Save Latif!" campaign.

This includes an appeal: Please share the information about the campaign on all channels and with all friends you can think of!

You have already supported the campaign very well - please do not let up now! :-)

Many greetings

Rettet Latif den Delfin!