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On the occasion of the 20th birthday of Lucha Amada we are putting together a very special benefit compilation, for this we need your support. This compilation is the third part of our Lucha Amada sampler series and is accordingly called "Lucha Amada 3 - A Luta Continua". We will donate half of the proceeds to the [email protected] in Chiapas, Mexico and half to JINWAR, a feminist project in the heart of Rojava in West Kurdistan/Northern Syria.
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holger getzmann
holger getzmann1 min Lesezeit

a big hello to everyone! it´s been a year now since our compilation "A Luta Continua" came out but due to COVID 19 we coudn´t celebrate the release with a huge concert & party. We´ll celebrate that now in Berlin on 23rd of september 22 in our favourite bar "Clash". It will be playing Resaka Sonora from Bordeaux and Esne Beltza Sound System from basque country. Afterwards there will be Fiesta Lucha Amada....we also will print some t-shirts with the cover of Lucha Amada III - A Luta Continua (cover made by incredible Gran Om from Mexico) so if you cannot make it to the party and are interested in a shirt drop us a line via [email protected] - We hope to see you there! Thanks for all the support!! Hugs!! Lucha Amada

Lucha Amada 3 - A Luta Continua benefit compilation