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After my debut CD "Russian Moments", it is time for my next solo CD! On the occasion of Claude Debussy's 100th death anniversary in 2018, I am dedicating this program solely to his work: Images Book 2, Children's Corner, Preludes Book 1. The decision for this program did not come easily, since it consists of very well-known repertoire. But with Debussy's music, I feel a very special connection (see "Who are the people behind the project?")...
12,952 €
15,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 9/29/17 5:31 PM o'clock - 11/6/17 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period Recording: 13.-16. Nov. 2018
Funding goal reached 10,000 €

The production with the label ARS Produktion incl. rent for the instrument and 1000 CD's costs 10000€ (8600€ + VAT).

2nd Funding goal 15,000 €

With a total of 15000€ I can add high-quality press work, photo and video production.

Category Music
Ort Hannover

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Mario Häring
Roscherstr. 3
30161 Hannover Deutschland

Tel: +491728446092

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©Aziz Afzaly

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