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TYPO3 Page- and Contentelement Wizard
Creating form masks for content-elements and page-templates with dynamic form fields is a complex thing to do in TYPO3. The popular extension "TemplaVoila" made this a lot easier, but "TemplaVoila" became outdated over the years and has some major disadvantages. We'd like to develop a new extension, which replaces the old fashioned way of using TemplaVoila and uses state-of-the-art techniques. A prototype already exists.
6,257 €
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 TYPO3 Page- and Contentelement Wizard
 TYPO3 Page- and Contentelement Wizard
 TYPO3 Page- and Contentelement Wizard

About this project

Funding period 5/26/14 2:56 PM - 7/11/14 11:59 PM
Realisation July to October 2014
Start level 5,000 €
Category Technology

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What is this project all about?

We'd like to develop a modern alternative to TemplaVoila. With a backend wizard for creating page-templates and content-elements, it is possible to simply create a new mask by using Drag&Drop. By the use of modern techniques and TYPO3-Standards like Extbase, FLUID, backend_layout, jQuery, dynamic TCA and TypoScript the extension rests on a base, which benefits from the continuous development of the CMS' core.
No clunky framework and no own pagemodule is needed, like it was required by TemplaVoila. We'd like to use the given functionalities of the TYPO3-Core as much as possible.
Features, Mask will provide:

  • Page-Templates with own data fields per page-template
  • Make use of the available tt_content fields for content-elements and comfortable extend these fields
  • Saving directly into database-tables, no more XML (Flexform) necessary
  • Repeating elements are realised via IRRE (in page-templates and content-elements)
  • Full support of TYPO3 language features
  • Full support of TYPO3 workspaces
  • Multi-Column page-templates with backend_layouts
  • Column-assignment of content-elements (defined elements per column)

The only not supported feature of Mask, that was available with TemplaVoila, will be multi-column Content-Grids. Here you can easily use third-party extensions as fall-back.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

This extension helps TYPO3-Integrators, who are provided a fast way of creating a customized form mask.
TYPO3-Editors profit by the user-friendly content management in the TYPO3-Backend.

Why would you support this project?

The extension will be available in the public TYPO3-Extension-Repository for free (under GPL). The development of the extension requires many hours of planning and coding.
We are financing the work, that won't be covered by this crowd-funding-campaign. A part of the costs we'd like to raise with the help of the community, by the help of you.
That's how we can ensure you a fully functioning and complete end-product.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Mask already exists and is already used in our customer's projects, but without an wizard for creating page-templates and content-elements. At the moment we do this manually by coding PHP. The wizard exists, but only in a very basic version and has yet to be completed. The working hours for the completion of this wizard should be financed by crowd funding.

Our further goals are:

  • If we reach EUR 10.000,00 we will develop a Content-Element-Repository for sharing of completed masks.
  • If we reach EUR 20.000,00 we will develop a TemplaVoila-Converter for converting PageTemplates, FCEs and the complete content into mask
Who are the people behind the project?

We are an Austrian IT-Company with TYPO3-Know-How since 2003. Since 2007 we are exclusively working with this CMS.
We are designing and developing TYPO3-Websites and TYPO3-Extensions, supporting companies in TYPO3 and educate developers who'd like to use the TYPO3-CMS or develop Extensions in Extbase (
As TYPO3-Experts we are capable of implementing this highly demanded extension in a clean and modern way.

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TYPO3 Page- and Contentelement Wizard

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