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You dream of dipping into a fantasy world with all your senses? Create with us a unique place where exciting stories, like ALICE IN WONDERLAND, come alive - the adventure factory MYSTORIA. Where you can be welcomed by kobolds at the reception desk and discover winding alleys with small workshops and treasure troves. Here you can become a hero in interactive adventure shows!
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Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Projektberater Applause, applause. This project takes away all the valuable crowdfunding experience. I'm excited to see what comes next.

About this project

Funding period 12/11/19 7:32 PM - 3/10/20 11:59 PM
Realisation 2020 - 2023
Start level 300,000 €

Mystoria is born: this includes the rebranding, castle of the kobolds, the new spooky maze "Findus Fundus" & the new characters

Category Theater
City Bottrop

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What is this project all about?

On the Ground of the old Prosper II coal mine, we want to turn the Grusellabyrinth NRW into a wacky fantasy experience world that will delight you all year round with a seasonally changing programme. We want to blur the boundaries between dream and reality - create a completely immersive fantasy world in which our „baby“, the Grusellabyrinth (spooky maze), will be only one an attraction among many. We will open the portal for you to an enchanted, mystical world and create an adventure factory for children and adults with attractions for young and old. This factory hides a whole world of pointy-eared kobolds, who welcome you in numerous workshops to exciting missions. The magical library becomes the heart of Mystoria. Here are thousands of enchanted books, all of which over the years will lead you into a great full-length adventure. In spectacular ways, the stories from all of the books come to life and become an unbelievable hands-on show journey, in a huge scenery with live actors, puzzles and interactive tasks full of special effects. In the spooky maze of Findus-Fundus, you'll have to free countless artifacts and treasures from the mischief of wildly gone wisp lights. In „Schacht 13“, you'll be able to mine real coal from the eerie mine and have it pressed into diamonds in the refining workshop. You can also look forward to an audience with the Kobold King, take cool souvenir photos with him and take a look around his treasure chamber. In the "Imaginarium" we present you a completely new comedy show in which the curious products of the kobold workshops are presented. And with the "magical writer" you can turn the world upside down with an enchanted writing quill. All this will be spectacular, but above all the change of the current entrance hall into an adventure factory with numerous new backdrops and details will be breathtaking. Whoever enters this place will be immersed in a completely different world. Here you can, for example, watch the kobolds in small workshops doing their filigree work, see the most wondrous things floating on cable cars through the hall above your heads and discover numerous curious souvenirs in the factory outlet. From miracle elixirs and goblin gold to small monster dolls from the monster workshop. And for gourmets, some attractions are also planned - above all the "Chocolarium" - a sugar-sweet dream for sweet toothes.
With our know-how, creativity and many years of experience we can guarantee that your vision will become a fantastic reality - as long as many of you are enthusiastic about this crowdfunding. Every contribution counts, so join in now!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The creation of this world is aimed at all those who dream of being able to leave reality completely for a while. Mystoria is to become a refuge for fantasy lovers aged 6 to 666, who have always known that they are being called to something greater - even to become the leading actor in great and small adventures.
The aim is to turn the already existing Grusellabyrinth NRW in Bottrop into a completely new world of experience: A world with fantasy attractions for young and old, seasonally changing focal points and innovative experiences that have never been seen before in a theme park.

Why would you support this project?

It is quite simple: the creation of this world would be - for you as a visitor, as well as for our team - the fulfillment of a grandiose dream. However, the realisation will cost considerably more than we could invest taking only our income from our current theatre business.
Plus there are a few hitches in which you, as a creative artist, are confronted with when you want to produce entertaining, funny fantasy shows and not abstract theatre, as it is often promoted.
We are recognized by the country as theatre makers, but... now here it comes: unfortunately we don't get any public subsidies, although we have high fixed costs and already employ a lot of great people.
What we are planning is difficult to sell to banks because we don't focus on big profit - of course we want to do have a thriving business, but we don't want to increase our prices. On the contrary: the price for children, for example, should stay below 10€, so that every family can afford a visit. This is a goal worth fighting for!
So, we want to create this world together with you and show all the financial sharks out there that there is another way. That not the yield is what really counts - but heart and community should be the top priority!
The more of you become founders of Mystoria, the more beautiful and bigger the experience factory can become, each Euro more means a further detail. Now only you are missing at our side - as co-founder of Mystoria!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The good news are: By reaching the goal of 300.000€ we can create Mystoria in its foundation. The Kobold Castle will definitely be built and the new characters will be introduced. As the budget continues to increase, we will create the great adventure "Alice in Wonderland - Time Over Head" and then step by step all areas of Mystoria.
This is what the adventure factory will offer by reaching the highest goal.


  • The magical portal to the Castle of the Kobolds
  • The Library with the first great Adventure "Alice in Wonderland - Time Over Head"
  • Findus Fundus - Spooky maze
  • Schacht 13 - The kobolds' mine
  • Imaginarium - The comedy theatre of the adventure factory
  • Audience with the Kobold King
  • “At the Charmed Writer“ - Close-Up Magic Show
  • The Ghost Academy - Escape Adventure
  • Climbing tunnel adventure
  • “Wolkenkoboldsheimer“ high ropes course


  • "To the rickety cauldron" - Snacks and drinks
  • "Chocolarium" - Confectionery manufactory and gourmet paradise
  • [* ]birthday party rooms for children
  • View terrace with gastro seats in the main hall
  • "Observatorium" - Cocktail Bar, Bistro & High Terrace
  • New experience restaurant & event location


  • Mystorias Factory Outlet
  • The Royal Treasury
  • Mystorias Pipe Post Office

The transformation of the hall into a fantasy factory with its facades, machines and enchanting details will also be a highlight in itself. The more money you raise through crowdfunding, the more fantastic the Mystoria adventure factory can become.
If you now ask yourself: "Wow, that’s really a lot! How do they manage to create sucha cool experience on such a small budget", then take this into account: we are masters at conjuring great things out of small budgets! We have proven this many times in the past. The 6 meter high chandelier in the main hall for example would have cost 40.000€ - but with teamwork and a material budget of only 800€ we could realize it much cheaper ourselves. And there are many more examples - all possible because talented, experienced people with passion and a good eye for the budget work hand in hand.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are a team of creative people, theatre makers and well over 100 actors who are eager to create this world for you. Initiators are Ina, Carsten and Holger, who together run the Grusellabyrinth NRW and the eventlocation Observatorium. Since 2002 numerous shows have been created within the framework of this project. The change to the Mystoria adventure factory is the next logical step in the evolution of the project for all of us.

Would you like to get to know us better? Then have a look at the documentation about our history and our work in our blog or visit our websites: and!

You can also find out more about some of our creative minds behind Mystoria here:

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