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We can not change your Diabetes - but we can change your life with Diabetes!

mysugarcase is a young and award-winning start-up that designs and produces diabetes bags that are perfectly matched to a life with diabetes. They are characterized by the combination of quality, style and functionality. The daily diabetes management should be simplified, facilitated and beautified at the same time! Our goal: We can not change your diabetes, but we can change your life with diabetes!
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Funding period
7/23/18 - 9/14/18
Sept 2018
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Minimum amount (Start level): 15,000 €

With 15000€ we can start a large & cost-effective production! And you are part of it with your support! Wow thank you very much!

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What is this project all about?

Since the first time I was approached to my not really nice black nylon diabetes bag, and could not decide for myself when I talk about my diabetes, I'm working on mysugarcase ...

I tried a lot over the years, from writing cases to cosmetic bags, but nothing worked really well for my life with diabetes. At some point, I took my heart and founded mysugarcase to develop diabetes supplies cases that no one has to hide anymore...

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

People with diabetes of all ages - young, older, very young, teen, middle, very old - women & men. We want to design the right bag for EVERY ONE with diabetes with your support.

Why would you support this project?

Because you probably also know someone who has Diabetes and thus can do something good for this person.

Or because you have Diabetes and from now on you can decide for yourself, when you talk about your Diabetes. All around you will see a beautiful case and no eye-catching medicine bag!

....for an unbeatable good price and free worldwide shipping ;-)

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

As a diabetic you carry the mysugarcase with you every day and therefore the materials used must be good. So really good and high quality.

In addition, we have incorporated many small but incredibly useful details into the case, such as: the small removable "garbage bag". And these details cost a lot in production. And that's a good thing, because craftsmanship has its price.

After successful financing, the funds are therefore invested 100% in a fair and prestigious production facility.

In addition, you offer us a cheaper price. Because our dream is to be affordable for as many people with diabetes as possible. And you would be part of it with your support! Wow thank you very much!

PS: With every Euro more you enable us to develop new designs! :-D

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Maren and Daniel. Maren is Type 1 diabetic and therefore responsible for everything related to design, communication and development. Daniel is Type-F (- Family & Friends) takes care of the production and especially the technique ...luckily, Maren is just thinking in the moment of writing these text :-D

We are very excited and already say thank you for your support. Please tell all your friends & acquaintances about mysugarcase. Thank you!

Maren & Daniel

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  • The production and delivery is the responsibility of the project owners themselves.

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What does this mean? 
Legal notice
Maren Schinz
Bahnhofstrasse 10
8001 Zürich Schweiz
USt-IdNr.: CHE-183.186.925 (DE wird gerade beantragt - aber Vorsteuerbere


Winner WSC 2017/18

The 1st place in this competition has given us the courage & the strength to continue & never lose sight of our goals. Thanks to Anita Gödiker (Satelitte Office) - the best mentor you can wish for!

dmSTART! Finalist

The crowdfunding contest dmSTART! is about the question of which product has always been missing on the dm shelf. Well we :-D
And with every euro of the crowdfunding campaign we come a little closer to this goal! Many thanks for your help!

Diabetes Journal

Die größte Zeitschrift für alle Menschen mit Diabetes und unsere absolute Lieblingszeitschrift unterstützt uns als Medienpartner.

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