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noca is the first climate positive bedding brand! After compensating all the emitted GHG emissions in Gold Standard projects, we plant 7 trees for each product sold. Thus created +1 workday in developing countries with every 15th item we sell! Our products are vegan, fair, more affordable than competitors, made out of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton - waiting for you to cuddle and sleep. Get a refreshing sleep while breathable, natural cotton fiber gently covers you. #treamwithus ♥
5,799 €
Alexander Katzmann
Alexander Katzmann Projektberater "Impressively pulled through this crowd financing phase."
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 noca - Climate Positive Bedding
 noca - Climate Positive Bedding
 noca - Climate Positive Bedding
 noca - Climate Positive Bedding
 noca - Climate Positive Bedding

About this project

Funding period 8/19/21 6:38 PM - 9/26/21 11:59 PM
Realisation End of October 2021
Start level 5,500 €

With your support we will be able to cover first expenses like office requirements and deposit! We will plant extra 100 trees, when we reach this level!

Category Environment
City Erfurt

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What is this project all about?

Join others who already supported us for a better future! Let's do it, together!

The more we faceoff the consequences of the damage we caused in our planet's ecosystem the more we are forced to learn: "a livable future is possible" only if we can create a global economic model which is entirely in harmony with our World and all its habitants.

With 40% Solar Energy, Resource-Efficient Production - Sensitive to the nature and the society

When you back us up, you support the production of sustainable bedsheets made out of GOTS certified organic cotton. All our products are produced with the guidance of UNs Sustainable Development Goals in order to spur economic growth, reduce inequality and tackle climate change. Here you can check how do we fulfill 16 of those 17 goals with our supplier.

- Gold Standard projects also with social impacts

We offset all the emitted GHG Emissions starting from the cotton fields until your home. In order to offset not reducible carbon, for the first year, we will invest into clean cooking solutions for least developed countries and renewable energy projects which will enable noca to have a positive impact on lives in a global scale both socially or environmentally.

Planting 7 trees per product
- The earlier we act, the more chance we have

Lets say you bought a pillow case and a fitted sheet. This means noca is going to plant 14 trees in your name. Thanks to our partner Eden Reforestation's long lasting projects in underdeveloped areas we support fair employment of the local people to restore own forests and lands that have been destroyed for industrialization.

All that sounds like a dream, right? #treamwithus

We are super excited to present to you our products below!

All of the fabrics are produced with an optimum level of quality, comfort and sustainability. Made out of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. (GOTS 2018-033)
Our products are available in standard sizes.

Jersey: Soft comfort of knitting will cuddle you with the feeling of sleeping in your favourite t-shirt every night.
Available in Forest Green and Grey Melange.

Sateen: A smoother and more luxurious look than other weaves - ideal for hot sleepers.
Available in Beige.

Poplin: Lightest fabric in our collection, crispy cool and comfortable feel on your skin - good for sweaty sleepers.
Available in Brown Melange.

To follow us and to see more photographs here here.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our aim is to present organic bed sheets to the market that have standards beyond the sector and still lower prices.

While presenting high quality, climate positive and organic bedding products at affordable prices to the market, we take after a fair economic model which is highly respectful to the nature as well as to the current and future generations of our society.

Actually, it is not that complicated. :)

You choose from our bedsheets, sleep softly - we make the rest!

If you...
• feel responsible for the nature
• are tired of 3 digit prices of organic bedsheets
• are doubtful about the source or the production process of the products you use
• have read until here

you will probably love noca!

Why would you support this project?

With your help we can spread goodness while providing healthy, affordable, cozy and climate positive bedsheets to the market.

Our products

  • are made out of handpicked %100 organic cotton - GOTS 2018-033
  • have wooden buttons instead of plastic ones or zippers - you can find a spare button on woven label
  • have different color and weaving options for different preferences
  • are produced vegan
  • are packed in plastic free packaging
  • are climate neutral and free shipped in Germany, climate neutral shipped in EU
  • have early bird prices for Startnext - fair prices life long
  • are climate positive through Gold Standard approved offsetting of not reducible carbon emissions and the planting of 7 trees per product!

  • are waiting for you to try for 30 nights. If you don't like you can send us back without a reason but please consider the environmental toll. For utilization, we will sell them to the secondary market retailers.

When you support us, you

  • support fair income distribution as well as fair production
  • can cross some Christmas presents from your list and don't have to worry later
  • back young entrepreneurs up with an open minded business model which is non-discriminative and stands for the equality of genders, sexual orientation, disability and more

Empower us to carry our mission - be part of the change!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

5.500 € - Primary Investments

With your support we will be able to cover first expenses like deposit and rent for an office where we can also store your products, packing table, computer/printer, FSC certified sending packages.

We will plant extra 100 trees as a sign of our appreciation!

14.400€ - Initial Investments - Certifications

In this level, we seek out help so that we can fund
• Internationally valid life cycle assessment process according to ISO Standard 14040/44. (5.000€ for LCA, 1.000€ Committee Approval)

• Carbon-free certification from reputable (NPO) Foundation (1.500€ registration of the products to the inventory and one-time membership)

In cooperation with the UN World Food Programme - ShareTheMeal we provide food to a child in need for about 50 days when this goal achieved.

23.300€ - Make your wish - Stronger Together

Thanks to you, now we will add one more colour in our portfolio. It is time to decide the name and and the colour - of course together! Follow us on social media and vote for your favorite colour.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Lisa, Ergin and Muci. A German-Turkish couple living in Erfurt with a former stray dog from Turkey. Already years long we were waiting for an opportunity to go self-employed with a business model that we can be proud of. More than a year ago we decided to take an action after we again failed to find an organic bedding set that is affordable for us. Next to our jobs, we have invested all our free time in noca and now with your help we can work for better days for all of us.
Only if we dream together we can steer the change!

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