Painting Doors - The Art of Lucid Dreaming
Imagine in a dream, you realise that you're dreaming and suddenly you're in 100% control of what you will do next. What sounds fantastic, is actually possible. It's called lucid dreaming and what's best about it: Everybody is capable to do it! How? This is what we are going to show you in our documentary short. On top we will add many more useful tips and stories, visualised through fantastic visual effects.
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Timo Hanczuk
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Das Ziel fest im Auge: Noch zwei Tage läuft unsere Crowdfunding Kampagne und wir können jede Unterstützung brauchen. Letzte Chance euch noch die tollen Dankeschöns zu sichern. Werdet Teil unseres Projekts!


Never leave the goal out of sight. Another two days our crowdfunding campaign is running. All the support ist welcome, so become part of our project!

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