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We want to save the seas - we want seas without plastic! For that purpose, we have come up with a revolutionary concept!

Our revolutionary idea: PGS - Pacific Garbage Screening! A floating platform, with special structural properties that allow for the filtering of plastic and plastic particles from the water. The platform functions without the use of nets - fish and other marine life are not endangered. Our aim is not to burn the plastic debris collected, but to use it as a value-adding resource - for example, by converting it into energy or using it to create biodegradable materials.
Funding period
6/8/18 - 7/15/18
Start: Autumn 2018
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 200,000 €

This is our seed capital to get off to a flying start. To create jobs, to realize ideas, to conduct model experiments, to form partnerships- to save the oceans!

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Marcella Hansch
Marcella Hansch1 min Lesezeit

Im Namen von unserem ganzen Team ein herzliches Dankeschön an alle Unterstützer!
Wir und überwältigt von dem tollen Support, der Vielzahl der Unterstützer und freuen uns einfach riesig! Wir bedanken uns auch für das Vertrauen in uns, wir werden unser Bestes geben.
Es darf natürlich gerne noch weiter gespendet werden. :)
Vielen, lieben Dank!




Marcella Hansch
Marcella Hansch1 min Lesezeit
Pacific Garbage Screening

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