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My first solo album has been recorded and produced in Brisbane, Australia back in 2011. My playing improved a lot since then. So time has come for a new album. I have many ideas, I already had a test run at the studio and some great guest musicians can't wait to be part of the production. The new album is meant to include all the different facettes of my music and I want it to be a high level production in terms of skills and quality. That's why I decided to start a crowd funding campaign.
540 €
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 New Album - Didgeridoo & Percussion
 New Album - Didgeridoo & Percussion
 New Album - Didgeridoo & Percussion
 New Album - Didgeridoo & Percussion
 New Album - Didgeridoo & Percussion

About this project

Funding period 9/12/17 5:54 PM - 11/11/17 11:59 PM
Realisation Early 2018
Start level 500 €

When reaching the first goal I'll start with the recordings. The costs for recording & production will be much higher. That's why I added a second goal.

Category Music
City Halle (Saale)

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What is this project all about?

The plan to record a new album is not new at all. I never really found the time or my mind wasn't free enough to work out the concept , find a studio, do the recordings and production. This year has many changes in my life - and I think it's finally time to make the new album.

I improved a lot since 2011 when my first album was recorded. My didgeridoo playing is much more crispy and "on the spot" and my finger skills on the cajon are getting better every day. The harmony between my body parts when playing is on an all time high and I really don't want to waste any more time and get the recording started.

I'm playing heaps of gigs and busking gigs at the moment and my goal is to sell a cd with my current music, not my album from 7 years ago.

The album will include lots of upbeat stuff with influences from African and South American music as well as electro - as known from my busking gigs. But there will also be quieter and more spheric sounds.

Instruments: didgeridoo, cajon, djembé, foot percussion, shakers, dan moi (jaw harp) - and played by awesome guest musicians also piano, pantam (handpan), guitar and harmonica. Details about my guest musicians are about to follow.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

I want to produce an album that I still like in 15 years - to produce the album at the highest standards I need your help to crowdfund the project.

This crowdfunding campaign is for people who know me or don't know me yet but want to support the album production and with that my life as a musician.

The production will also happen in case I don't reach my funding goal. It will be harder and I have to say good-bye to some of my plans, design the cover by myself, spend less time at the studio and things like that. That's the reason I set a funding treshold - the goal is still the actual funding goal and the closer I get the better and more professional the final album will be.

Thank you for helping me reach this goal!

Why would you support this project?

I'm living the dream I'm having since age 12 - to be a musician and pay my bills only by playing music. I always wanted to spread my "unusual" music in Germany and around the planet. I'm doing this right now and it feels awesome. It isn't always easy to cover all life expenses with a freelance job like mine and especially when starting a big project like this album produktion and financing it all at your own risk without being backed by a big music label. It's a big step in my life and every help to realise this project is awesome. So thank you already for even considering funding my project and reading this text.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The money goes directly in production and marketing of the new album. Expenses include:

  • Recording studio
  • Production and mastering
  • Design (cover and project page)
  • Production of cds and print media
  • Shipping costs for pre-ordered cds
  • New neccessary equipment
  • Costs of the "thank you" rewards

In case I reach the funding goal I can also give some of the work out of my own hands and pay the involved artists a fair wage. This inlcudes:

  • Photographer
  • Guest musicians
  • Professional cover designer

And also:

  • Organisation of an album release party in Halle/Germany
  • RTravel expenses covered for all involved musicians
  • Recording of bonus tracks
Who are the people behind the project?

I am personally planning and executing the project. The team includes Zwischenraum-Tonstudio Halle, Didgeridoo House from Switzerland and guest musicians you will get more infos about later in the funding process.

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New Album - Didgeridoo & Percussion

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