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Phytobiotika are plant based substances which kill bacteria. The special feature is that they are far less likely to cause bacterial resistances due to their multicomponent nature. We developed a mixture based on herbal extracts, which inhibits bacterial growth. We want to make those substances accessible to everyone. Our first product is a phytobiotic spray for throat care. It supports the body and can help to get over an infection quickly. Other purpose phytobiotics will follow soon.
1,662 €
6,500 € 2nd Funding goal
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Funding period 24/03/2017 16:16 o'clock - 07/05/2017 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period 21.05.2017 - 30.05.2017
Funding goal reached 1,500 €
2nd Funding goal 6,500 €
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What is this project all about?

We work on herbal substances, which can inhibit bacterial growth, "Phytobiotika", we connect tradition and innovation.

This story began with my Grandmother's recipe of a home remedy, she used to treat small injuries and kids' scratches. During an internship in the lab of Dr. Thomas Fenner, I found that this herbal mixture indeed inhibits bacterial growth.

Today, after 5 years of lab work and continuous improvement we arrived at a recipe which brings the home made mixture on a scientific level. The phytobiotic compositions can attack bacteria from all sides because they contain multiple components and thus have an answer ready to single bacterial mutations.

Products based on this phytobiotics can reduce the use of common antibiotics and help the environment to regenerate its natural microbiotic balance. Many of antibiotic resistant bacteria would disappear, as they simply would loose their selective advantage. To develop those products is the goal of our startup.

Our first product is a phytobiotic throat spray which supports the body and helps to overcome an infection more quickly. Our spray is not a chemical drug, but a herbal care product registered in the EU.
Our future goals are the development of a wound cream and a product for animal wound care. Thus also the amount of antibiotics used for animals could be reduced.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to combine tradition with innovation.

  • Standard antibiotics cause daily new type bacterial resistances not only in hospitals, but also in the ground and water. This threat concerns us all no matter whether old or young. We want to reduce the use of chemical antibiotics and fight antibiotic resistance in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.
  • For this purpose we develop plant based antibiotic substances. Our first product is a phytobiotic throat care spray.
  • In the future we are planing to produce also a phytobiotic wound cream and a phytobiotic product for animal wound treatment. This could also reduce the amount of antibiotics used in animal care.

We are addressing the people, who feel responsibility for their own health and the health of society. The ones who want to live in a clean and safe environment.

Why would you support this project?

Do you want to be sure that any bacterial disease remains curable in the future?

Do you want to reduce environmental pollution due to antibiotic remnants?

Do you want to make our world a safer place?

Then join our effort and support our project! You can choose among several rewards, as a thank you from us.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Our realization threshold is 1500 Eruo.

  • The collected money will be used partially for the bottling and delivering of the throat spray for the supporters, this sets the threshold to 1500 Eruo.
  • With the excess money we plan to buy a new rotary evaporator (c.a. 2000 Euro) for our lab. This is a device commonly used in the production of extracts. It allows to boil liquids in vacuum at lower temperature. The device will increase our productivity by a large factor and help us work on improved multicomponent antibacterial products.
  • If we reach the full funding goal, we plan to develop an ointment for wounds based on our composition. Additionally we plan to produce a phytobiotic wound care cream for animals. The amount of 3000 Euro will be the foundation for this research and will be invested in the following way. 1000 Euro for the research and optimisation of the base for the cream and 2000 Euro for the improvement of the phtobiotic composition for animal application.
  • Of course we will support Startnext with 10% (6%+4%) of the collected funds.

Who are the people behind the project?

Our startup is called: "SjF Hanse Scientific". It was founded by Dr. Thomas Fenner and Dr. Juri Smirnov in late 2015.

Juri Smirnov:
Has recently finished his PhD and is now managing director at Hanse Scientific and researcher at the INFN institute in Florence.

Thomas Fenner:
Has many years of experience in Microbiology, Laboratory Medicine, Environmental Medicine and Hygiene. He is managing director at Hanse Scientific and runs a diagnostic lab in Hamburg.

Together we are a strong team combining innovation and experience.

Legal notice
SjF Hanse Scientifc UG
Juri Dr. Smirnov
Bergstr. 14
20095 Hamburg Deutschland

We are a new Startup working on the development of new phytobiotik solutions.
Please note that our throat spray is not a medical product, but a care product registered with the EU. Therefore, it can be shipped only to the EU member states.

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