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One man's garden is another man's house
possible.movement concerns itself with the interface between choreography, drawing and composition. For the last four years the group has spent time searching for a language between different art forms. The context between movement, sound, and graphic, as well as between composition, improvisation and notation is of primary interest for the group.
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one man' garden is another man's house

Daniel Vezza
Daniel Vezza1 min Lesezeit

dera friends and followers of our work,

we're proud to annouce that since almost two weeks we're in the financing phase here at startnext. Thank's a lot for all your past and future support for this new project "one man's garden is another man's house" at the Kugelbahn. It really helps us realizing the project. Due to the fact that we unfortunately found out there will be no other (public) support for us, we realy rely on the money of this crowd funding campaign and would be very grateful if you could help us doing it... either financialy or through spreading the news.
Thanks a lot!
Soon there'll more news here,

One man's garden is another man's house