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Clean = healthy? Not really. Our houses are full of chemicals but empty of microorganisms, that are important for our immune system and health. That’s why we have developed cleaners on cosmetic standard – a blend from cleaning microorganisms, plant-based cleansers and essential oils. They clean microscopically deep, but respect the microbiome of your home. Biologically degradable, free from palm oil, mineral oil, sulfates, and of course made in Germany!
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Alexander Katzmann
Alexander Katzmann Projektberater "Excellent crowd financing round, I am curious how this project will continue."
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 Probiotic cleaners made in Germany
 Probiotic cleaners made in Germany
 Probiotic cleaners made in Germany
 Probiotic cleaners made in Germany
 Probiotic cleaners made in Germany

About this project

Funding period 7/15/21 2:20 PM - 8/8/21 11:59 PM
Realisation Juli - August
Start level 6,000 €

The money will help us to cover a part of the development and production cost, as well as to being officially awarded with the Ecocert label

Category Drugstore
City München

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What is this project all about?

Hygiene obsession is making us ill

Our obsession with hygiene keeps bringing toxic chemicals into our home and doesn’t only remove dirt, but also useful microorganisms, that strengthen our immune system. Excessive hygiene leads to a 13x higher probability to suffer from autoimmune diseases and allergies. Making a choice between health and cleanliness? Actually, a No-Go!

Probiotics instead of chemicals
Our cleaners clean microscopically clean but use only cleaning microorganisms (probiotics) and plant-based cleansers instead of aggressive chemicals. That way, the precious indoor-microbiome is being protected and supported.
The probiotics degrade and metabolize organic dirt on a microscopic level up to 72 hours after the application and therefore clean 71 hours and 59 minutes longer than you! And even better: our probiotics also reach the smallest spaces and are therefore especially effective against odours.

Wellness for your home
We find, cleaning should be fun. That’s why we have perfumed our cleaners with natural essential oils from litsea and cedarwood. These don’t only smell incredibly well but have also been used for over 1000 years in aromatherapy for relaxation and mood boosting. Make your cleaning a wellness ritual!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We want that our home becomes clean AND healthy again. Without chemicals but instead with a balanced indoor microbiome.
Therefore, our cleaners are for everyone who want to do something good for their families and pets. In contrast to other cleaners, we also completely refrain from using:

• Sulfates like SLS/SLES
• Palmoil & mineral oil
• Synthetic fragrances
• Artificial colouring
• Animal-based Ingredients
• Microplastic

Why would you support this project?

We spend 95% of our time indoors! That’s why our home should make us happy, not ill. We all have to clean – the question is only: how?

Oh My Biome can help you to make the first step into a more natural home.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

After 2 years, we are now finally ready for the first production. With your help, we can cover a part of the development and production cost.

We want to use the rest oft he capital to get the official award for the Ecocert-label (a certificate for sustainable cleaning products and cosmetics). All our products were developed from the beginning to fulfil the necessary prerequisites for that.

Who are the people behind the project?

Neben allen Leuten, die uns über die letzten Jahre unterstützt haben, sind Oh My Biome vor allem wir: Flora und Sebastian, zwei gute Freunde, die sich bei ihrem Studium in London kennengelernt haben.

Durch unsere Jobs in verschiedenen Bereichen wurden wir immer wieder auf eine Sache aufmerksam: Probiotika. Das Mikrobiom in uns, auf uns und um uns herum hat einen starken Einfluss auf unser Leben - jeden einzelnen Tag. So entstand die Idee für nachhaltige Haushalts- und Pflegeprodukte, die mit dem Mikrobiom anstatt gegen es arbeiten.

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Probiotic cleaners made in Germany

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