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With your help and support, we would like to prevent the bankruptcy of restaurant Bastard. A very loyal fan base celebrates our existents every day. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner – freshly prepared and quickly served food makes your hearts beat faster. Let’s keep Bastard alive!
24,532 €
35,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 09/02/2018 15:20 o'clock - 11/03/2018 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period 4 weeks
Funding goal reached 21,500 €
If we’ll manage to reach the 1st Funding goal we are able to prevent bankruptcy and pay for most of the costs incurred.
2nd Funding goal 35,000 €
If your support allows us to reach the 2nd Funding goal, we would be able to pay for any and all costs and focus our efforts on the day-to-day business.
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What is this project all about?

The first scare – we were still pretty relaxed
Actually, we just wanted to replace the tiles in our kitchen. This shouldn’t have been a problem. Or so we thought. Unfortunately, the floor tiler told us, he can’t finish the work because the substructure wouldn’t support the tiles. Still, the extend of the complications seemed manageable.

The next scare – we caught our breath
First, we retained a construction engineer, after that a stress analyst and even an insurance appraiser. They all came to the same conclusion – a total reconstruction of the entire substructure was unavoidable. The extend of the complications seemed more and more incalculable.

Pure horror – we realized our existence was at stake
Since there was no actual damage event, insurances will not pay. What’s even worse-without revenues neither operating nor labor costs are covered. So now we are threatened by bankruptcy even though none of this is our fault. That’s why we ask for your support

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal of this campaign is rather simple – we would like to open our restaurant again as soon as possible.

In the past 7 years Bastard became one of the best breakfast-serving restaurants in Berlin and a second home to a lot of people. It’s all about quality. The homemade stone-oven bread is our proudly-cherished specialty. Brioche, eggs in a jar, sweet potatoes with chorizo and fried eggs , scrambled eggs with goat’s cheese and honey, and the breakfast platters itself are lovely, affordable works of art. Our weekly changing lunch menu is very popular as well – freshly prepared, surprising and rich in variety. Last summer we started to offer dinner as well. You’ll find the same dedication to detail and quality that makes our breakfast and lunch menu so special in our dinner menu as well.

The pictures posted by our guests speak for themselves. Just check them on Yelp, Google and Facebook.

We’d like to see all of our guests again soon.

We’d like to keep on improving ourselves and let you be a part of our family.

We want to excite you and be excited.

We want to go back to work!

Why would you support this project?

In the past 7 years we invested a lot of work and passion into our restaurant. A huge and loyal fan base can attest to that. Since January 1st a lot of mails have reached us from sad customers asking us what to do now that we are closed. They also wanted to know, how to help us? Well, this campaign is the answer. Give us your support so we can reopen as soon as possible.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

If this campaign is successful the money will go straight to repair measures, operating costs and salaries.

If we can’t reach our goal you’ll get your money back or keep it, respectively. The money is in a trust fund and will only be distributed if the entire amount is reached.

Who are the people behind the project?

Running a restaurant is a team effort. Chef, kitchen help, the cleaning staff, barkeeper or waiter – no one works alone. We are a team – and more – we’re friends.

For me (Simone) working in a kitchen is like a rock concert with a band I’ve performed with for years. For the most part it’s a humorous routine with little, exciting interruptions - a little mishap every once in a while that we fix with joy and laughter and a lot of professionalism. I even manage to romanticize the long hours, terrible heat and bumps and bruises that go along with this job. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy burning her arms on a 500 degree oven or cutting your fingers 3 times in one day and always compete with the voucher printer on who’s faster?

So, who are these “Bastards”?

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Simone Lotzmann. Somehow I made a lateral entry to cooking. I was equipped with a penchant for perfection and autodidactic capabilities, which is a rather funny combination. For the past 7 years I ran Restaurant Bastard and learned how to cook at the same time. It’s supposed to rather good people tell me…

And this is my wonderful team:

Kerstin Thränert - sous-chef (with us from the beginning)
Kathrin Edelmann - service (with us from the beginning)
Beate Hahn - service & bar (with us for 6 years)
Anne Edelmann - service & bar (with us for 4,5 years)
Inka Kehr - service & bar (with us for 2,5 years)
Kristof Zdunek - service & bar (with us for 3 years)
Moni Kehr - kitchen help (with us for 3 years)
Djudju Horvath - service & scullery (with us for 2 years)
Erika Krause - cook (with us for 6 month)
Conny Hürdler - cook (with us for 6 month)

Together we fight to save restaurant Bastard.

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