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We are dreaming of open air cinema on Hamburg’s canals, theater on the Süderelbe, regional boat tours and floating parties. Of building the Schaluppe together with refugees, to create a raft for mobile culture and a platform for integration. Wandering through Hamburg’s waterways at 8 knots. Es ist möglich von uns für 'Freie Spenden' eine Spendenquittung zu erhalten.
20,076 €
30,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 29/04/2016 15:14 o'clock - 28/05/2016 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period may to july
Funding goal reached 15,000 €
2nd Funding goal 30,000 €
Wenn wir die Fundingschwelle von 15.000,- Euro erreichen, können wir eine Basisversion der Schaluppe bauen, mit zwei Rümpfen, auf denen ein Holzdeck entsteht. ...aber wir möchten Dir ein ausklappbares Oberdeck zum Chillen, Hängematten über dem Wasser
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What is this project all about?

We are the association for mobile Machenschaften and we would like to build a 5 by 15 Meter raft. A non-commercial, floating space. Are you in for creating a new communal space?
The Schaluppe is a space for world music, laughing, lerning, watching movies or filming them. We want to rediscover Hamburg’s hidden waterways with you – off the beaten track. Can we count you in?

Auf der Schaluppe soll Weltmusik spielen und getanzt, gelacht und gelernt, Filme geguckt oder gedreht werden. Wir wollen die Hamburger Wasserwege mit dir neu entdecken, die nicht auf der Fährenroute liegen. Machst du mit?

What is the project goal and who is the project for?


  • a nonprofit platform for newly arrived Hamburgers, refugees, asylum seekers or whatever you want to call them - for us: people!
  • promoting the transcultural exchange of art and culture
  • support for cultural participation 
  • to discover and unlock Hamburg’s world of waterfronts

Target audience:

  • culturally interested figureheads
  • experienced adventurers on new cultural routes
  • seaworthy sailors
  • alluring mermaids
  • as well as charterers with their own ideas

Why would you support this project?

Water belongs to Hamburg like sand to the beach at the Elbe. We think it’s time to rediscover Hamburg’s aquatic culture. On the Schaluppe people will meet, exchange- and rediscover Hamburg water bound. 

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With your money we will finance the construction of the Schaluppe - a sustainable catamaran raft made of durable, recycled and recyclable materials like steel and wood. Two steel pipes 15 meters in length and 1,30 meters in diameter have already been ordered and are currently in production right now. They will be our foundation. But our shopping list is long. We will need rent for the building site and the anchorage, money for infrastructure like electrical power and storage for tools, transportation, safety equipment, insurance and food and drinks for the volunteers. The things we are able to do on our own, we will – voluntarily

Who are the people behind the project?

The nonprofit association for mobile Machenschaften was founded last year and is a group of culturally and socially interested people. The purpose of the association is the promotion and support of art, culture, cosmopolitan attitudes, tolerance and international understanding. Therefore we have cooperations with others, for example the association „Die Insel hilft e.V.“ (german: The Island helps), to actively integrate refugees into the project structure. We want to take part in creating a place where we live together with all people who want to be part of realizing a harmonious and culturally open life.

Legal notice
Verein für mobile Machenschaften
Vogelhüttendeich 67
21107 Hamburg Deutschland


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