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Your support needed for traditional sailing ship "Sigandor" to manoeuvre out of the COVID19 tempest

The traditional sailing ship "Sigandor" needs your help! Because of Corona restrictions, in 2020 we could not operate as we wanted, e.g. offering group travels. We thus did basically have no income. Many of the traditional sailing ships were already given up. Your support is needed to avoid the same fate for the "Sigandor".
Funding period
10/14/20 - 12/31/20
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Minimum amount (Start level): 2,000 €

The amount of 2,000 Euro is needed for carrying out a proper assessment of repair works after having removed the wooden planks of the deck.

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What is this project all about?

With this project we want to gather support for that the "Sigandor" can continue setting sails in 2021, to allow guests to learn about the beauty of the sea:

  • The "Sigandor" is a traditional sailing ship, built 1909. Since 1978 she operates as training ship and for public cruises.
  • Already without the COVID19 crisis, operating a traditional sailing ship was only possible with plenty of voluntary engagement.
  • The last years there were plenty of new burdon and restrictions, mainly by the German minister for transport. There's hence certain investments needed, and harbour fee, insurance etc. continue running, too.
  • Because of the Corona restrictions, in 2020 there was no single harbour festival nor any group cruises. We thus did basically have no income.
  • Your support would allow us to carry out the needed repair works, to extend the licence of the "Sigandor" for the next season, hence to overall continue to operate the ship.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

This is a project right for you, if you like traditions, sailing, ships and the sea:

  • Perhaps you enjoy the beauty of the sea and in particular the charm of traditional sailing ships in harbours across the coast.
  • Perhaps you even go sailing yourself or you value the team spirit needed to set sail on such a ship, just as they did more than 100 years ago.
  • Perhaps you also like the good old times, the smell of linseed oil and tar, tackling and splicing, knowing about the weather, navigation and moving just with support of the wind.
  • For sure you can imagine that it's always special moments on board the "Sigandor", with and for special people.
  • And you can afford showing solidarity in the middle of the COVID19 crisis.

Why would you support this project?

If you agree that traditional sailing ships such as the "Sigandor" should operate also after the COVID19 crisis, and you can afford showing solidarity, you should support this project:

  • Your help would allow saving one of cultural assets and ensure maritime diversity in the harbours.
  • Your help would allow offering social and educational cruises, e.g. for students or diabetics.
  • Pershabs your suport also is the beginning of a friendship with the "Sigandor". There will for sure be one "open ship" session during one of the next harbour festival where you can come and learn to know the ship.
  • If you choose a reward, you can get a maritime piece for your home.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

To extend the licence of the "Sigandor", certain maintenance and repair works need to be carried out. With your support, the skipper wants to tackle the following repair work:

  • Because of new security requirements, the main deck needs to be changed respectively repaired. The deck measures 100 squaremeters. First of all, the wooden planks need to be removed. Then there will be a proper assessment of with sound/echo techniques. Consequently, certain constructions need to be removed, new steel plates to be inserted and finally anti rust protection and painting to be applied.
  • Most of the work will be carried out by the skipper and friends. Your support would hence directly support maintenance works of the "Sigandor" and the needed building material.

Who are the people behind the project?

This project is initiated by Rieke Boomgaarden, owner of the "Sigandor", together with Lotte and Tara Boomgaarden. Rieke is supported by several friends:

  • Rieke operates and takes care of the "Sigandor" since the year 2000. He already sailed many ships and is a real sea dog.
  • Lotte also loves sailing and studied nautical sciences, too. Together with Rieke she also takes care that the common daughter Tara does well on board.
  • Raphael and Matthias, two brothers, support Rieke with this crowdfunding project. They know the ship and the captain since the year 2000, when they sailed from northern Spain towards Kiel, crossing the Biscay. Raphael holds a lawyers licence and is working for an environment association. Matthias is working for a federal agency as energy efficency expert.


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