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Soya the Cow is a singer, a dreamer and an activist. With her voice and irresistible beats, she fights for the freedom of all animals (incl. humans).

Soya the Cow is currently producing her first album due to be released in spring. She was born to inspire, challenge the status quo and fight for animals and those whose voices are not heard. Standing for love, freedom and climate justice for every being on this planet, she is ready to share her music with the world. To do this she needs your help!
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1/17/20 - 2/17/20
February - June 2020
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 15,000 €

This amount covers the expenses for the album production (recording sessions, final mix and mastering) and for three music videos.

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SOY MUCH - my first music video is out on 14/02/2021

Daniel Hellmann
Daniel Hellmann1 min Lesezeit

Hello dear friends and supporters

My crowdfunding campaign last year was a success, but little did I know back then, that a certain virus would change all our plans for 2020 and beyond...

Well, the recording of my album and music videos took more time than planned, but it is finished now. And I'm very excited to announce that my first song and music video will be released on Valentine's Day.

SOY MUCH will be on Youtbe, Spotify,, Amazon Music, iTunes and all other platforms. You can look forward to a sugary love song with an interspecies twist and an extra level of fluffiness. I hope, SOY MUCH will bring joy and smiles into these grim lockdown weeks.

Please watch, comment and share it, so that it gets a lot of visibility in the online algorithm zone.
You can already pre-order it on this link, and the song will be added to your playlists on Spotify as soon as it is out:

Below you can also find my Youtube-Channel. Subscription recommended :-)

Thank you SOY MUCH for your support and your patience.

Daniel (aka Soya the Cow)

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Soya the Cow - album & music video production
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