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"Speak up 4 Human Rights" - the Documentary
The documentary accompanies a human rights seminar uniting 30 young adults from Germany, Ukraine and Belarus for three one-week seminars, in which they discuss the state of human rights in general and in their countries. The project’s aim, to create campaigns, may become a hazardous undertaking. It's the sensitivity of the project which makes it even more important to document the happenings - to give voice to the participants and create transparency. Find recent developments in our blog.
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Belarus - entry not allowed | Eintritt verweigert

Sebastian Hasse
Sebastian Hasse1 min Lesezeit

Today we would have gone to Minsk, but unfortunately, on monday we were told by the Belarusian Embassy that our visa applications were refused. We can not work in Belarus on human rights. But there is still the seminar in April in the Ukraine. It is now being extended to make up for time we lost.

Heute wären wir nach Minsk gefahren, leider wurde uns am Montag jedoch durch die Belarussische Botschaft mitgeteilt dass unseren Visaanträgen nicht stattgegeben wurde. Wir dürfen also nicht in Belarus zum Thema Menschenrechte arbeiten und drehen. Es gibt aber weiterhin den Termin im April in der Ukraine. Dieser wird nun ausgedehnt um die verlohre Zeit wettzumachen.

"Speak up 4 Human Rights" - the Documentary