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We're a Berlin comedy songs duo called STICKY BISCUITS and we do neat, nerdy and naughty tunes about things like the reasons people go into particle science, the impending zombie apocalypse and the sexual proclivities of certain russian leaders. Help us finish our first album and create videos for the new songs.
1,555 €

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Funding period 5/30/14 9:26 AM - 6/14/14 11:59 PM
Realisation Summer 2014
Startlevel 1,500 €
Category Music
City Berlin

Project updates

6/1/14 - thanks people for becoming fans and boosting us...

thanks people for becoming fans and boosting us to next phase \o/ if you wanna help us even more, you can go on to back the project now. We've listed various rewards, from Album Downloads to personal Skype Serenades and SB Sketches by Naomi :) just click on "Support now". Thank you all so much! Naomi+Marc

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