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Support a social sculpture in the heart of Augsburg. The Grandhotel Cosmopolis e.V. needs you and your support to keep alive!

The Grandhotel Cosmopolis has a 10-year history and is one of Augsburg's most culturally diversified establishments. A venue that thrives on encounters and intimacy, where people sit together at the table, on the dance floor, and in everyday life in the heart of our city. We could only have done it last year because of your help. Without your aid, we can no longer continue in the second Corona Winter, where there is no culture for anyone, no vitality. We need you and your support!
Funding period
12/19/21 - 1/23/22
Already rocking it!
Minimum amount (Start level): 8,000 €

We still need you to initiate new projects, continue what you've done so far, and keep our Grandhotel Cosmopolis alive.

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