The Tiffin Project - Remove plastic from your take away
Convenience and great taste without harming our planet - This is what the future of take-away should be. Here at the The Tiffin Project we have developed a re-usable container for your take-away food. The idea is that you get your tasty meal in this box when you order from your take-away restaurant of choice. We do this because we are tiered of getting our food in so many unhealthy plastic containers. We think you should do it as well for your health and the environments.
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Meet the starters, meet us!

Mustafa Demirtas
Mustafa Demirtas1 min Lesezeit

Habt ihr es schon gesehen?
Unser Tiffin Projekt war am Sonntag Projekt des Tages!
Und wenn ihr ein bisschen mehr über uns erfahren wollt, schaut doch mal in den Startnext Blog. Wir waren im Interview bei "Meet the starters".

Just taste, no waste.
Unterstützt das Tiffin Projekt und macht müllfreies Take-Away möglich!

Euer Tiffin Projekt Team
Mustafa, Veronika, Hendrik & Sabrina

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