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What the world needs now are songs of joy and confidence. My new album is an anchor of hope in these challenging times – full of faith and life!
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 TOKUNBO's Album #3
 TOKUNBO's Album #3
 TOKUNBO's Album #3
 TOKUNBO's Album #3
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About this project

Funding period 4/30/21 11:58 AM - 6/13/21 11:59 PM
Realisation February 2022
Minimum amount (Start level) 20,000 €

Covers musician fees, studio recordings, mix & mastering, artwork, manufacturing & PR

Category Music
City Hannover

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What is this project all about?

I'm TOKUNBO, singer songwriter, former singer of acoustic soul formation Tok Tok Tok and co-founder of the initiative #AirplayForArtists.

In this year of the pandemic I wrote my new album – no mean feat as a mother of a little one in lockdown! Now that the songs are written I would like to go to the studio with my band to record the album and bring it to you.

On this album I am introducing yet another facet of my very own Folk Noir style, light hearted, playful, then again also warm and earthy like a late summer day.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Songwriter Jazz meets Folk Pop.

If you like being carried away by music and if you love with beautiful melodies this is an album for you.

My songs are like short films. Peeping through the key hole I zoom onto scenes with a magnifying glass.

The songwriting of this album is heavily influenced by the art of the great songwriters of the 70s like the Carpenters and Carol King.

This music will be balsam to your soul.

Why would you support this project?

A new era has come in culture and in the music industry.

With your support you are playing a huge part in preserving cultural diversity.

With your contribution you are enabling me, an independent artist to continue creating music for you and to continue working with my long time team of talented people who inspire me.

Together we are my label.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Producing an album of this quality is costly and it is important to me to pay my band and my team adequately.

Studio recordings, musician fees, photography and artwork but also manufacturing costs as well PR to get my songs on the radio and my music into the press, is what the starting level of this project will fund.

And the good news is that the vinyl edition is already covered by a wonderful and generous sponsor!

Anything that goes beyond the first funding goal will contribute to the production of music videos.

Album production entails:
- studio recordings
- musician fees
- mix & mastering
- photos & artwork
- manufacturing of cd & vinyl
- GEMA licensing fees
- PR
- music videos

Who are the people behind the project?

Behind me I have my wonderful band of nine years with whom I have toured extensively and produced my last two albums:

My producers and band mates guitarist Ulrich Rode and drummer Matthias Meusel co-wrote the album with me.

My long time bass player Christian Flohr has also played on my last two albums 'Queendom Come' and 'The Swan'.

And multi instrumentalist Anne de Wolff contributes the finest string arrangements.

She is also a wonderful photographer, so you'll see her pictures in the album artwork.

Vinyl and hifi fans will appreciate that our sound engineer Marc Ebermann is also back on bord with us. A master student of Al Schmitt he is a master of sound himself.

Photo credits: Projektfoto Anne de Wolff | live photo TOKUNBO (solo) Thomas Bieg | NDR Radiophilharmonie Annemone Taake | live photo TOKUNBO & Band Thomas Bieg

Project adjustments

5/1/21 - Danke!!!! Ich bin ganz fassungslos, am ersten...


Ich bin ganz fassungslos, am ersten Tag fast 40% der Summe!

Ihr seid unglaublich!

Das Album rückt wirklich in greifbare Nähe und

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TOKUNBO's Album #3

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