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Touchy Mob & Tellavision - Cake Split 12" - pressing of the vinyl
Touchy Mob from Berlin and Tellavision from Hamburg have made a record together, three songs each, at the same time, in the same place. We'll embark on tour this coming winter around europe to bring it to the masses. Vinyl manufacturing is expensive, it's a big premiere, neither of us had ever had their music cut into this beautiful plastic, and you can help us pay buy contributing here. In a way, you're baking a piece of the cake, for it to become a big fancy gateau for everyone!
4,486 €
3,200 € Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 17/12/2012 14:03 o'clock - 04/01/2013 23:59 o'clock
Funding goal reached 3,200 €
City Berlin
Category Music

What is this project all about?

For us it is an experiment of independence, a money adventure.
Let's take a drag: We get really shaky when we have to face money in this biz, especially if it is a little risk that comes with it.
How to start a loose domestic buisiness process so we only have to experience it for a very short but exciting time?
This vinyl doesn't just drop from heaven but with your generosity it might be possible to handle this and make it come true!

This record was made for the music which you find on it, for listening warmly with your friends, lovers, colleagues from the underground. You even may put it on the wall to cover a dirty spot from your childhood. To spin a muesli bowl on it while it runs on your record player. And for us to give a piece of art that's worth all the money! We wanna say YA BABE, when you ask for a beautiful vinyl right after our cheesy gigs. To rhythmically stroke the antistatic brush's rubby hair. For the flea market which happens in 25 years and still some dude (maybe the kid who spun his muesli bowl on it back in the day) is making handmade bowles out of it for sale.

In these high times we wanna scoot together with you, to remind, nothing's just falls from the sky, to leave you the direct exciting opportunity to afford an affordable handmade piece from us, without help of a corrupt indie music machine, with taking a bow and kissies (a little coughy from singing) to thank you very much. Please come visit us again!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal is to hold “Cake” in our hands in January, so we can take it on tour with us.
This is aimed at everybody who comes here, anyone who experienced a show by Touchy Mob or Tellavision and left sadly disappointed, cause there were no big and expensive souvenirs. Old friends, new fans.

Why would you support this project?

Because it's hard, almost not possible for the music industry to produce prospective presents!
'cause it's good for your karma to directly support artists of any kind.
'cause cigarettes are more expensive than downloads.
'cause you love us when we love you and the other way around

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Pressing and printing vinyl: 2000€
GEMA-Licence Fee: 300€
Producing the recordings, mastering: 900€

Who are the people behind the project?

Ludwig Plath as Touchy Mob from Berlin/Rostock/Stralsund, has been playing guitar and the computer, singing sensitive love songs for three years on stage now, for people in his age. He's been playng in Germany and it's neighborhood, overseas, Fusion, Roskilde, SXSW. You can get his other music for free. look around!

Tellavision is Fee Kürten from Hamburg/Bielefeld, studies fine arts and has been recording her gigantic voice and instruments live on air for more than two years now. She also has been to Fusion, Appletree Garden, Dockville, all over Germany and it's neighborhood.

Bloody Hands Ltd. is a collective for music and fine arts who formed a label, baptized by Tellavision and other wild ones, corresponding between Hamburg and Berlin.

Swantow Labsal is Touchy Mob's fresh label with a provincial concept. this record is it's first co-production.

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