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Start Saturday 16.9.2017 The „Trees of Memory“ project will create a trail around earth, lined with trees planted in memory of suicide victims. A circular path representing the circle of life and infinity . A symbol for the value of every single life, that aims at giving hope to those who struggle to find any remaining perspective in their lives. The web-portal www.trees-of-memory.eu will document this project and provide a platform for connection and exchange between surviving dependents.
6,100 €
10,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 Trees of Memory for victims of suicide, web-portal
 Trees of Memory for victims of suicide, web-portal
 Trees of Memory for victims of suicide, web-portal
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Funding period 9/16/17 11:06 AM o'clock - 10/28/17 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period ab März 2018
Funding goal 5,000 €

Programming of the web-portal for survivors.
Creation of the website to remind the deceased
Programming of the web-portal for people with suicide thoughts

2nd Funding goal 10,000 €

Creation of the website for the project documentation (walk around the earth & plants of the trees)
Translations for the websites
Financing of the first trees

Category Community
City Frankfurt am Main
What is this project all about?

The project “Trees of Memory” with its accompanying website and the walk around the earth aims at raising much needed awareness for the intricacies leading to most suicides, wich still remain largely unknown to the public – in turn leading to stigma and a lack of proper help for both, potential victims and their families or loved ones.
The trail around our planet will be formed through the invitations received by surviving dependents of suicide victims, with whom I will plant trees as living memorials for those who fell victim to depression and sickness, and thus having become unable to see any other escape to their suffering than suicide, ultimately loosing the fight for the will to live; but also to commemorate loved ones who no longer walk this earth for any reason, really.

Every tree stands for

  • A person who is no longer with us
  • Surviving dependents left behind in grief and mourning
  • A relationship, that once began with a sown seed, becoming a small plant, and eventually having grown into a beautiful, strong and sturdy entity, just like a tree
  • A growing, blossoming, international and intercultural symbol that goes beyond denominational boundaries, saying: Yes you can make it. You are worth fighting for your life, for it to bless you with reaching your dreams and goals, and for life to answer your craving and longing. There are people who think you and are there for you! A symbol for courage and hope.

Online portal for surviving dependents
This live project is accompanied by an online portal and will be documented on my website „Trees of Memory“. This is to gain a more adequate format with the help of this campaign, for the current website presentation on www.trees-of-memory.eu feels like a mere provisional solution.

A Portal to keep the memory alive
On this portal, poems, letters, videos and photos will pay tribute to these people, keeping the memory alive.
The forum will help surviving dependents share their feelings and help each other in their grief and mourning.

It shall furthermore raise awareness / draw attention to the global rise in suicide over the past years
“Trees of Memory” shall be an internationally visible beacon for the increasing rise in death by suicide. This tends needs to be stopped! With my project, I want to do my part to raise awareness and elicit attention to this problem, working with journalists and newsrooms on ways of reporting that raise awareness, instead of triggering copycat suicides. And I want to help surviving dependents (like myself) as good as I can – through this project, but also on a personal level – so we may find the strength to get through this.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Project documentation on the web

This project will be documented on a daily basis on www.tress-of-memory.eu in a Blog, as well as through photos and videos which can also be found on social media.
By doing this, I want to prove that it is possible to find a way out of the darkness of depression – because I, too, had hit rock bottom when I lost everything dear to me: My partner, and with him my faith and belief in life itself, in humans, and everything that comes with that. This project aims at helping people every single day in their struggle to reclaim a little confidence.

Giving hope and inspiring courage
The big goal of von „Trees of Memory“ is the creation of a trail that becomes a full circle around earth, lined with „Trees of Memory“ that will elicit attention to the rising numbers in global suicides. A trail wich I will walk myself, creating it with the support of people, whom I want to help rediscover faith in life itself. The goals are:

  1. Encourage
  2. See what can be achieved
  3. Here, you will find a community

A portal for remembering and finding support
At the same time, “Trees of Memory” is meant to become a web-portal in which people can find one another and connect, offering mutual assistance to each other. This is one of this corwdfunding campaigns foci.

I would not have survived without help!
I know that there is a good chance I would not have survived [depression] without the help of sometimes even complete strangers. It was only for the rising awareness of not being alone and not being left alone with what I had experienced, as well as the multitude of encouraging mails and letters that became a guiding light, which made it possible for me to put my eyes back o the horizon, and keep on going.

Empowerment to do both, say goodbye, and cherish the memories
My own experiences, as well as the numerous talks with other surviving dependents have shown me that it takes something that encourages, something that helps take farewell and deal with the pain of loosing a loved one. Something that soothes the shock, that helps comprehend & accept; something that makes it a little easier to let go, and remember in a positive way.
A portal for support & and remembrance. A lasting place where photos, videos and the written word will commemorate those no longer among us.

Who is the target audience?

  • With “Trees of Memory” I first and foremost turn to people sharing common ground, like:
  • The dramatic loss of a family memeber, i.e. through suicide.
  • People suffering from depression, anxiety, compulsive disorder or grief itself.
  • People having experienced suicidal tendencies, or who have attempted suicide in their life.
  • People who have ceased to take part in life

My project also wants to address:

  • Those going through emotional and psychological hell because of the suicide of a person very close to them.
  • Those who suffered a great loss, or got into a depression, now finding them in a seemingly endless sea of darkness, not knowing how to go on, or even why.
  • Those doubting whether trying to find a way to go on is even worth the effort
  • Spouses, Parents, Children or Friends who want to help someone suffering find their way back into life.

I am looking for courage-makers
I am turning to supporters with a lust for life and faith in the future, who will prove, together with me, that even from the places of deepest despair it is always possible to beat depression and chase dreams again. It is possible to go back to having a fulfilled life, and I am here to offer my support and help where I can.

I turn to Encouragers who want to make a difference.

Why would you support this project?

Obviously, you do not need to have been affected by someones suicide yourself to be one of those courage-makers. If you feel you can (and want to) make a difference by helping patients who are at an elevated risk of becoming suicidal, or offer your support to surviving dependents, you are one of those I am looking for. I am looking for you so we can send a message : “Don’t give up, life is worth fighting for – even if it doesn’t feel that way at the moment.

Every 40 seconds, somewhere on planet earth a human being ends their life. In Germany alone this sums up to 10.000 people committing suicide every year, leaving some estimated 70.000 – 230.000 heavily traumatized children, parents, friends and partners behind. Suicide has become the second most common cause of death in children and adolescents, and retired people are at a dramatically increasing risk to become suicidal for years in a row, now.

Nearly every person today has been exposed to someone ending their life, at least in their wider circle of acquaintances.
Perhaps, as someone affected you know very well (or can empathize) how it feels: The Helplessness, feelings of remorse, the pain the grief, the anger and the tears, the „life sentence“ we surviving dependents have been condemned to. Because the loss is not just something we could lock up in a box and forget about it.

Because you feel that every single suicide is one suicide too much, and we as a human people need to stand together from time to time and unite, to be able to keep on going.
Because you are an encourager with a passion for life.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

What will happen with the money once the campaign has been successful?

Once 5000 Euro have been raised, I can get the programmers to adapt the website to serve as the portal for exchange , mutual support, and commemorative place for those deceased, as described here in this campaign .

There will be one extra page each,

  • for the deceased
  • focusing on suicide prevention
  • for the promotion of free coaching sessions in media newsrooms on how to ensure a responsible handling of suicide related topics coverage (which I have already begun conducting)
  • for the purpose of documenting the project itself

While 5000 Euro facilitate the creation and programming of the central pages and functions, 10000 Euro would expedite this process greatly, and ensure the full site can be optimized and completed. Everything received above this would go directly into creating the trail around the globe, lining it with Trees of Memory.

Who are the people behind the project?

My name is Mario Dieringer, and I am a 50 years old journalist as well as lecturer for journalism & related topics.

Since my partner committed suicide during the 2016 Easter holidays, nothing has been the same again, and it cannot become the same again, ever. It took me many months, during which all too often I would struggle to find the strength or the will to go on, to slowly begin getting my life back together, and regain some faith in it. This is why I feel compelled to shift my focus to suicide prevention, teach other journalists about the topic, and help other surviving dependents, offering my help where it is needed the most.

There is a video about my story, which you can find once you follow the link below. Please don’t get irritated by me speaking about a footpath of life – this was my original working title for this project, which I felt I had to change as its meaning seemed to get lost in translation.

Why am I doing this?
I have always been quite the sunshine, blessed with seemingly limitless optimism. But then, suddenly, in 2011, I had a nervous breakdown. This triggered a major depression, for which I even needed to hospitalize myself for nearly 6 months. But beating a major depression is anything but easy, and there’s no “quick fix”. Seeing how this disease changed me, I eventually reached the point where I, too, could see no silver lining, and only whished for the suffering to stop. On December 28, 2014, I tried to make it stop.

I am working on this project, because back then it was Jürgen, my partner, who, following a hunch, was able to save my life with literally seconds to spare. But he was not able to save is own life (and neither was I); eventually, on March 27 of 2016, Jürgen lost his fight against his own depression.

I know first hand how the longing for death of a depression victim has nothing to do with others, or even the future. All there is left in your thoughts is that desperate hope for deliverance.

So I am following through with this project, because I have fought the toughest fight of my life already, and because luckily I was able to find a way to now be able to lead a normal life without being dependent on medication or ongoing therapy again. So I cannot just go on, as long as so many of us are out there who can’t find a way out, or even see the very possibility of there being a way out.

„Trees of Memory“ has hence become my life project, for which I not only intend to work, but give up everything else and take on the fight. I know that there’s need for emotional & symbolical support, which I can see from the many letters I receive from all over the world, and from the 32 “Trees of Memory” already having been ordered across 12 countries in the world – and that’s before the project has even officially started!

If I could have it my way, I would just start walking my march tomorrow, just to show: “See? Everything is possible!” I, too, have suffered a major depression, I, too, was so in despair that suicide seemed the only means of deliverance. I, too, have lost the person closest to me, and I, too, don’t have a stash of money in my bank account. It is possible to find a way back despite all circumstances, whatever they may be.

I am not willing to accept that hopelessness wins, while life with all its splendour and possibilities is out there waiting – just because a disease takes away one’s ability to see it.

“Trees of Memory” has become the central mission in my life. It has become a deeper meaning, that hopefully can contribute to saving lives in the future. This is my hope. Please, do support me in this aspiration. Please help send “Trees of Memory” on its way!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Project updates


Liebe Unterstützer,
ich wollte Euch einen kurzen Zwischenstand geben. Ich habe soeben die Mitteilung erhalten, dass am 5.12. die Summe an mich überwiesen werden wird. Das bedeutet, dass das Geld dann erst am 7. oder 8.12. auf meinem Konto sein wird. Erst wenn ich das Geld habe, werde ich die "Geschenke" in Auftrag geben, die von der Produktion zu mir geschickt werden. Sobald ich sie habe, gehen sie dann an Euch. Ich werde mich beeilen, die Sachen auf den Weg zu bringen.
Liebe Grüße


Wie geht es jetzt weiter?
In ungefähr 14 Tagen wird mir das Geld ausbezahlt. Z dieser Zeit werde ich dann die Dankeschöns bei den jeweiligen Unternehmen in Auftrag geben und sobald ich sie habe, alles versenden. Derzeit arbeitet ein dreiköpfiges Team am Masterplan für die neue Website und es wird noch ein paar Tage dauern, bis ich da die erste Rückmeldung bekomme. Ich nehme an, dass es bis Februar dauern wird, bis alles fertig ist. Aber ich halte Euch auf dem Laufenden. Ich danke Euch! LG Mario


Liebe Unterstützer,
ganz schnell und ganz kurz von unterwegs, da ich mich derzeit für einen 5tägigen Kurzurlaub in Leipzig befinde. Ich möchte Euch allen von ganzen Herzen Danken, dass Ihr mit Eurer finanziellen Unterstützung das Web-Portal von Trees of Memory ermöglicht. Und nicht nur, dass Ihr dieses Projekt unterstützt, sondern, dass ihr in mir drin etwas ganz großes bewegt habt und mich zutiefst mit Eurem Glauben an mich und das Projekt berührt. Vielen Dank Euch allen und dicke Umarmung. LG


Countdown - only 6 days to reach the goal of 10 000 Euro are left.
The minimum of 5000 Euros we had reached very quickly. Many thanks to all who made it possible.
But to become in future really great and to work on all plans for the web portal and the print media, such as sponsor portfolios, 4305 Euros are still missing. We can do it! Please share the project with friendsand ask them to help, so that we can reach the final goal or getting a bit closer to it. Many Thanks!


Endspurt - nur noch 6 Tage um das Ziel von 10 000 Euro zu erreichen.
Das Minimalziel von 5000 Euro haben wir sehr schnell erreicht gehabt. Vielen herzlichen Dank dafür an alle Beteiligten.
Doch um wirklich Großes erreichen zu können und sämtliche Pläne für das Web-Portal und die Printmedien, wie zum Beispiel Sponsorenmappen machen zu können, fehlen noch immer 4305 Euro. Das können wir schaffen! Bitte teilt das Projekt mit Freunden damit wir das Endziel auch noch erreichen können. Vielen Dank!


50% in 5 days!


This is so amazing.
A big hug to each and everybody of you and a happy Thursday full of joy, love and fun :-)

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