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A concert featuring works by Saed Haddad, Samir Odeh-Tamimi and premiering works by Alireza Farhang und Neil T. Smith.

The Frankfurt-based Trio Radial is commissioning two new works by Alireza Farhang and Neil T. Smith for its unique combination of instruments - clarinet, horn and cello. This works will be included in a concert program with the title 'Between East and West' and will be presented in a tour of concerts throughout Germany and Switzerland in March 2017.
Funding period
1/16/17 - 2/16/17
March 7th - 11th 2017
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Minimum amount (Start level): €
6,000 €
Frankfurt am Main
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What is this project all about?

Our first concert – Between East and West needs your help to reach success! For our instrumental combination of horn, clarinet and cello there is only one existing piece of music. Our trio is commissioning two pieces that will be performed throughout Germany in March 2017.

Trio Radial is interested in the influence of different cultures on European contemporary music. Our project carefully examines the role and importance of cultural identity in music. During the conception of our project we have continuously asked ourselves the question –
How important is our heritage on the music we are producing today?
Our inaugural concert is our response to this important question.

Through a careful selection process, we have found two vibrant young composers – Alireza Farhang and Neil T. Smith to assist us with our project. Our concert program features music from composers of Middle-Eastern background however we have requested that British composer Neil T. Smith uses one element from any part of Middle-Eastern culture as inspiration for his work.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

  • Do you love contemporary music?
  • Are you interested in other cultures?
  • Do you want to support young musicians?

Then our project is for you.

We are aiming to finance two fantastic new pieces for Horn, Clarinet and Cello. Our aim is to begin the process of generating music for this combination of instruments because it is beautiful and unique. We are also want to encourage an exchange of ideas between composers and musicians of different cultures.
The premier of these two new works to take place on the 7th March 2017, Kunst Kulture Kirche Frankfurt am Main.

Further performances are:

  • 10.3.18 Cologne: The Loft
  • 11.03.17 Esslingen am Necker: Kirche St Paul
  • 30.03.17 ONO Bern
  • 31.03.17 cave Unternehmen Mitte, Basel
  • 02.04.17 Helferei Zürich

Why would you support this project?

With our project you will be supporting -

  • Young professional musicians and composers
  • A project promoting cultural exchange through contemporary music

Trio Radial is unique in the chamber music scene of Germany and we need your help to create our music!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

  • Financing for the composition commissions from Alireza Farhang and Neil T. Smith.
  • The running costs of our project including Room rental and transport costs.

Who are the people behind the project?

The Project - 'Between East and West' is a production of the three musicians -

Trio Radial

Trio Radial - Between East and West

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