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Undune is a documentary about an alternative place to do your “business”, the resurrection of an ancient method from the Amazons region and the battle of a few innovative people to dry up the wasteful culture of water toilets: Instead of using drinking water to flush away and destroy our manure, it can be transformed into a valuable resource - black soil or terra preta.
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5/13/14 - 7/1/14
June until October 2014
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4,300 €
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Dennis Rätzel
Dennis Rätzel2 min Lesezeit

[Engish version below]

Liebe Unterstützer_Innen,

in den letzten zwei Monaten haben wir wie wild an der Postproduktion für Undune gearbeitet. Wir möchten uns hiermit dafür entschuldigen, dass die meisten Rewards bisher nicht versendet wurden. Uns hat einfach schlicht die Zeit gefehlt, das Design der T-Shirts, Beutel und Poster festzulegen, sie drucken zu lassen und sie zu versenden. Wir versprechen uns in den nächsten Wochen damit zu beschäftigen. Denn wir sind tatsächlich in der letzten Phase der Postproduktion angelangt. Die letzten Musikstücke werde gerade produziert, das Sounddesign und die Untertitel werden erstellt. Auch mit der Farbkorrektur sind wir größtenteils durch. Am nächsten Montag wollen wir schon eine Screening-DVD erstellen, um sie bei Festivals einzureichen.
Ohne eure Unterstützung, wäre das alles nicht möglich gewesen. Ein weiteres mal vielen Dank vom ganzen Undune Team.

Dear supporters,

in the last two months, we have been working like crazy on the post production for Undune. We hereby would like to apologize that most of the rewards have not been shipped, yet. We just simply lacked the time to finish the design of the T-shirts, bags and posters, get them printed and send them out. We promise to deal with it in the next few weeks. Because, we are actually in the final stage of post production. The last pieces of music will be produced in the next days, the sound design and the subtitles are created. Even with the color correction we are done for the most part. Next Monday we will hopefully be ready to create a screening DVD to submit it to festivals.
Without your support, none of this would have been possible. Thanks again from the whole Undune team.




Dennis Rätzel
Dennis Rätzel2 min Lesezeit


Dennis Rätzel
Dennis Rätzel1 min Lesezeit

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6/24/14 - 7 days before the end of the campaign, we have...

7 days before the end of the campaign, we have paid the lacking amount to reach the funding threshold. For that, we used ​​additional funds from EM Scheiz-AG, Christoph Fischer GmbH and Multikraft GmbH. Our work can thus begin.
But don't be discouraged to support us. We can invest additional money for the translation of the film into other languages ​​and a wider distribution.

5/18/14 - For those who cannot watch the video, prefer a...

For those who cannot watch the video, prefer a slightly shorter description of the project or would like to see more pictures of the project, there is a brief description here:

Feel free to send this pdf-file also to acquaintances, friends or relatives who may not want to deal with the internet!

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