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Community Supported Brewery in Berlin
Vagabund is embarking on a new journey to start Berlin’s first nano-sized community supported brewery. The brewery will be just big enough to brew enough to share, but small enough to allow for creativity. As we move forward we will stay committed to the local craft beer community that has done so much to help make this a reality. We hope to see you in the taproom!
21,295 €
18,500 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Community Supported Brewery in Berlin
 Community Supported Brewery in Berlin
 Community Supported Brewery in Berlin
 Community Supported Brewery in Berlin


Funding period 4/18/13 2:45 PM o'clock - 6/21/13 11:59 PM o'clock
Funding goal reached 18,500 €
Category Food
City Berlin

Project updates


FREE SHIPPING There's been some confusion about how much extra shipping outside of Germany would cost. We're here to say that the definitive answer to that question is.... €0 ! That's €0, $0, ¢0, ¥0, FREE!!! All other "Extended Conditions" regarding postage and age limits, etc. applies, but the cost of shipping and handling is now 100% covered by us.


-EN- * Please take notice of the " Extended conditions for this reward " in the Summary section when supporting the campaign. There is important information that we've put in including engraving specifications, age restrictions, and postage limitations that you need to acknowledge before submitting your support amount. * If possible, please do not pay via PayPal as they take a percentage of the money you support us with. Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment. * Thank you for your support. Prost! -DE- * Bitte beachte die erweiterten Bedingungen für dieses Dankeschön in der Zusammenfassung, wenn Du die Kampagne unterstützt. Diese enthalten wichtige Informationen bezüglich der Gravierung, Altersbegrenzung und Versandkosten. Diesen Bedingungen musst Du vor Deiner Unterstützung zustimmen. *Wenn möglich, bitte nicht mit PayPal überweisen, da sie einen Prozentsatz von Deiner Unterstützung nehmen. Banküberweisungen werden bevorzugt. Vielen Dank für Deine Unterstützung. Cheers!

Website & Social Media
Legal notice
Vagabund Brauerei GmbH
Matthew Walthall
Habersaathstr. 15
10115 Berlin Germany

Geschäftsführer Matthew Walthall
HRB 137356 Berlin Charlottenburg - Steuernummer 37/257/21787 Berlin Finanzamt
Handwerkskammer Berlin - Betriebsnummer 113803

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