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Major depression is a common mental disorder in children and adolescents. About 20% of the population will experience a depressive episode at least once in their lives. Especially tragic: Suicide is the second leading cause of death among children and adolescents. We want to change that! Our idea: We will create an early-warning system for apps that you don't even notice in everyday life. We simply use the communication via WhatsApp and the smartphone. To get started, we need your help!
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Führende Gesundheitsagentur unterstützt uns!

Stefan Lüttke
Stefan Lüttke1 min Lesezeit

Schmittgall Health, eine führende Marketing Agentur im Gesundheitsbereich, fördert uns nicht nur als Hauptsponsor, sondern berichtet über uns im hauseigenen blog heidihealthcare

Fighting depression in children using WhatsApp