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Metal is hijacking mom and grandma's party and everyone is shaking their heads! Everything for swaying, headbanging and roaring along. YEAH EVIL

Sataninchen is conceptual trash in music, lyrics and design with lots of cat. The category "Alternative Music" has lost its relevance - there is no alternative to Sataninchen!
Funding period
12/11/21 - 2/28/22
April 2022
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 4,500 €

Realization of the new CD from Sataninchen in elaborate design packaging as a vehement statement against streaming, downloading and permanent availability.

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What is this project all about?

Sataninchen walks through the musical history of many epochs from a symphonic metal point of view. He mixes this into a comprehensible, coherent body of work. Evergreen songs become Everblack songs, and the original compositions have what it takes to become cult songs forever.
On the new Sataninchen album "YEAH EVIL" you will find heavy party-worthy songs to sway, headbang and above all to shout along with. Furthermore, the headbanging metalhead can hijack the party of his mom and grandma and everyone will shake their heads!

Catchy songs to listen to in continuous loop. A melange between Viking, Pagan, Black and traditional Metal with a bit of Gothic in a neck-breaker-Schunkel-style. Somewhere between ooorrgghh, rrrööhr and uuuuaaa, but always melodically hard on the border of cliché.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Does Sataninchen look like he has goals?
Sataninchen has found his place in life and has submitted to the dictates of his cat!
Sataninchen serves! He serves the cat first and then the good taste in music!

If you have a good taste in music, then you can feel addressed! If not, Sataninchen is ready to help you!

Very short:
The more money is raised in the crowdfunding campaign, the more luscious the album will be! More money means more music and nicer packaging.

As a guideline:
Short Summary:

from 4000, - EUR crowdfunding sum

CD will be delivered to those who have ordered the album as follows:
- in jewelcase
- approx. 50 minutes playing time (including 2 exclusive remixes)
- at least 12-page booklet

from 7500 EUR crowdfunding sum

CD will be delivered to those who have ordered the album as follows:
- CD in XL digipack (format approx. 19 x 14 cm)
- approx. 70 minutes playing time (including 5 further songs, 4 of which are exclusive bonus songs)
- at least 20-page booklet in XL format

The income from sales via is included. *

(* only applies to the period of the crowdfunding campaign)

Unreleased bonus song for every supporter
Every supporter will receive an exclusive song as a gift in 2022.
(more information soon in the blog)

Why an album as a CD and not as a download or streaming?

Sataninchen understands music, text and design as a complete work of art! For this reason he would like to stay true to his principles of a traditional physical release of his album!

The production of a classic sound carrier is a consistent statement against permanent availability and arbitrariness!

A publication of the album on digital streaming or download platforms is currently excluded and will take place in 2024 at the earliest. In advance, only individual songs are released on digital platforms for promotional purposes.

What do you get when you pre-order the new album "YEAH EVIL"?

You only pay the price for a "normal album" for the CD during the crowdfunding campaign.
This includes: CD in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet and an approximate total playing time of 50 minutes. The CD contains at least two bonus songs that will never be released anywhere else.

All this is guaranteed with a crowdfunding sum of 4,500 euros!

Orders and awards from Sataninchen

Read correctly! Sataninchen gives medals and awards!
You will receive specially produced merchandise that cannot be officially bought!
You support Sataninchen with a total of:

from 100,- EUR = Level 1
from 250,- EUR = Level 2
from 500,- EUR = Level 3
from 750,- EUR = Level 4
from 1.000,- EUR = Level 5

From each level you will receive a special supporter medal, rank badge, patches or similar.

What else do you get if you support Sataninchen?
Anyone who has already supported Sataninchen or has ordered from Sataninchen (theARTer) has certainly already received bonus material. Sataninchen will certainly not be stingy in the future either.

Germany = free
EU: normaly +5 EUR
World: normaly +7 EUR

Why would you support this project?

You support an independent project! Nobody earns anything, everyone wins!
Sataninchen has no label, no management, no institutions and no donors in the background. He does everything himself and has already financed the previous production from his own resources. This is pure underground! This is real metal!

The album will not be available in public stores! The album is not distributed through any label or physical distribution, but only directly through Sataninchen.

You support an economically and ecologically sustainable product! You don't throw away a Sataninchen CD! Destroying CDs is like burning books! The CD of tomorrow is the tape and vinyl of today! It will gain in cult factor and value!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Target exceeded:
The surplus money is used to equip the CD, for promotions, for music videos, etc. The realization of the album was supported by a lot of people with a lot of passion and time, Sataninchen would be happy if he could fairly reward all those who helped.

If, after all of this is done, there is still something left over, the money will be used for the production of the next album, the preparation of live shows, other new Sataninchen projects, merchandise for you, etc.
Hard to believe, but should there still be something left over, the money will be integrated into previously unplanned Sataninchen projects. Sataninchen has many ideas that he has not been able to realize due to lack of time and money.

Under no circumstances will the money be used for private purposes!
The money goes completely into Sataninchen... and not in the form of beer!

Target not reached:
You have no risk! If the target is not reached, you will get your money back! For the time being, the money is in an escrow account at and will be transferred directly back to you.

Who are the people behind the project?

Produced by Sascha Blach (Eden Weint im Grab, Aethernaeum, Winter Solitude Studios etc.)
In addition, the singer of Depressive Age (Jan Lubitzki) can be heard with two guest appearances on the Sataninchen album "YEAH EVIL".
With a little luck there will also be a song with Nina Jiers (ex-Neopera).

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Sataninchen - YEAH EVIL

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