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My name is Judith Tellado, and I want to release my next album "Yerba Mala" in spring 2019! For the new songs we have already recorded trumpet, double bass, drums, congas, bongos, guitars, keyboards and of course my vocals - throughout autumn we will have finished the work in the studio. In order to release the recordings on CD next year, I need your support now!
11,605 €
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 Judith Tellado – Yerba Mala – new album!
 Judith Tellado – Yerba Mala – new album!
 Judith Tellado – Yerba Mala – new album!
 Judith Tellado – Yerba Mala – new album!
 Judith Tellado – Yerba Mala – new album!

About this project

Funding period 9/20/18 8:05 PM - 11/6/18 11:59 PM
Realisation 20.09.2018 until 06.11.2018
Start level 10,000 €

Required for audio mastering, CD artwork, CD pressing, GEMA fees, music video, promotion campaign (print/radio/TV)

Category Music
City Hamburg

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What is this project all about?

The songs on my new album are about the many big and small things that have changed in my life since I decided 10 years ago to move to Germany for love and start a life as a singer and painter. The title "Yerba mala" (literally means "bad weed") is a popular Spanish expression to define someone who is not good or who shows rebellious behaviour. That's also how a woman is called who doesn't follow the established rules and conventions. The song of the same name says: "Yerba Mala, that's what I want to be" - it expresses that today I rely on my inner voice and follow it, even if I act against the expectations and rules of my environment.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

My goal is to release the finished studio recordings as a CD on my own record label. My music is intended for listeners who appreciate a variety of songs, some of which sound like Latin American folklore, but many also like pop and jazz. The album is also something for lovers of handmade music - there are various percussion instruments, trumpet, saxophone, flute, cello, double bass, guitars and more.

Why would you support this project?

It's important to be myself when I compose and I think you can hear that in the songs. At my concerts people often ask me about the new songs and want to know on which of my albums they are included. Then I have to say that they don't exist on CD yet! That tells me that now is the time to release these songs because they are mature and tested on stage and I am convinced that they touch people.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money will be used to finance the audio mastering for the studio recordings that my band colleagues and I have been working on since spring. In addition, we want to cover the costs for the artwork, the CD pressing and the associated GEMA fees. Finally, we want to finance a music video and work with a PR agency during the release period to help us bring the album to the major music publications and other relevant media. If we achieve the second funding goal, my dream of pressing Yerba Mala as a vinyl LP will come true!

Who are the people behind the project?

We run this project as a small team - I'm originally from Puerto Rico and have been living in Hamburg since 2008. I produce the album together with my husband Georg Sheljasov, with whom I also want to establish my own record label in the course of the year. My promoter Andrea Jungclaus is also involved in this crowdfunding campaign as well as concerts and press work.

Project updates

10/10/18 - Der Realisierungszeitraum des Projektes ist...

Der Realisierungszeitraum des Projektes ist von November 2018 bis April 2019 – entgegen der Angabe oben in der Projektbeschreibung.

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Judith Tellado – Yerba Mala – new album!

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