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The goal: the world's first fair and sustainable condom – in sensational packaging. With einhorn, we'll make it all possible in the next few years. To claim that we'll be 100% fairstainable from the beginning would be complete greenwashing, something all too many brands practice now. We're connecting good design and a daily lifestyle product with fair business. Our vision: with einhorn sex won't be just fun, it'll be an act of goodness.
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2/3/15 - 5/6/15
2 Monate
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What is this project all about?

Fair produced and brilliant in design: a combination that promises success. einhorn is a special condom. But, why?
We all know the game: condoms are normally just a means to a way. They protect against sexual diseases and are a safe contraceptive method. But, do we actually like them? No. Most even find the purchase awkward. We'll even buy a bag of chips to camouflage the box on the conveyor belt. We want to change that with einhorn – we're going to package the condoms ourselves in chip bags designed by prominent designers. Instead of dreading the cash register, we're itching to get these babies home.

The last thing on your mind while buying a condom: how are condoms actually made? Condoms are produced out of natural rubber; the latex milk is produced primarily by rubber tappers in Asia through a very laborious harvesting process. Classical economics: those who do the most work get the least of the profits – even though condoms' margins are comparable to luxury products. And we all know this same spiel: large areas of rain forest are cleared to plant rubber trees. What's more: poisonous pesticides are sprayed in order to protect these vulnerable monocultures from pests. The consequences: contaminated ground water. We want to change all of this in the next few years.

Our solution? We want to produce the first genuinely fair and sustainable condom. But einhorn condoms are just the prelude since our main goal is that fair products are a no-brainer. And thereby every purchase becomes a good thing.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We're inspired by fair products produced under fair conditions for people and the environment. Our grand vision: that every product in a super market is fair so that every purchase is a good one. We're starting with einhorn in order to show that a daily product like a condom can be fair produced while being a lifestyle product. We are connecting the social impact with the commercial success to make einhorn condoms a mainstream product which reach the largest target audience – namely those all those that want to have safe sex - regardless if they know a thing or two about sustainability or not. It doesn't matter: einhorn's packaging is truly exceptional. It's even fun at the checkout. But, condoms are just the beginning.

We'll reinvest 50 percent of the profits back into social projects like sexual education for youth or simply the fair pay of rubber farmers. With our initiative, the "Entrepreneur's Pledge", we've already committed 50 further entrepreneurs to found at least one social business in their lifetime.

We're just at the beginning. Together with you, we can be the first domino in a movement for more social businesses with more impact and sustainability.

Why would you support this project?

We all buy condoms. But now you can also do something good with einhorn. You can take a stand with us for fair production conditions – for people and nature. All this while reinvesting 50 percent of the profits for non-profit projects. We're revolutionizing the condom market: einhorn condoms are just as safe as other condoms, but they're more fun, are a bit cheaper, look better, and give you a much better feeling when you buy them.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

In order to make a company out of our idea, we need passion, time, and money. That's why we want you on our side for the start of einhorn. With the money that we will collect on Startnext, we want to initiate and implement the following

• The founding of a cooperative along with German scientists in order to determine global standards for the cultivation of sustainable natural rubber with a "fairstainable" seal.
• Residence in Malaysia for 2 month in order to coordinate the processes and found the rubber farming cooperative
• Inspection of the working conditions for all involved on the plantation and in the local production facilities in Malaysia
• The development of ideas for the improvement of the production with local partners like Richter Rubber.

Who are the people behind the project?

Waldemar Zeiler und Philip Siefer - we're einhorn. We've known each other for years – above all from the Berlin startup scene. Before founding einhorn, we both built and established digital startups and have recently founded the "Entrepreneur's Pledge" together. We've already committed 50 experienced entrepreneurs to found at least one social business, in their lifetime, that leaves a "positive footprint" behind and that also reinvests 50 percent of the profits into social or environmental projects. We've committed ourselves to do just that. The idea for our first social business is einhorn. We want to show others that successful entrepreneurship can also have a social impact. We're excited for our entrepreneurial journey. With you. And with einhorn.


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  • The production and delivery is the responsibility of the project owners themselves.

  • Cancellations and returns are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective project owner.

  • Revocations and cancellations via Startnext are no longer possible.

What does this mean? 
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Vladiglobe Ventures UG
Waldemar Zeiler
Alte Schönhauserstrasse 50
10119 Berlin Deutschland

6/29/15 - Das ganze Wochenende haben wir fast 2000...

Das ganze Wochenende haben wir fast 2000 Pakete gepackt und ab heute gehen die fabelhaften einhörner ihrer eigenen Weg! Keine Angst, wir haben sie so programmiert, dass sie direkt zu euch nach Hause kommen ;)
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6/16/15 - Liebe einhorns, nach einer langen und...

Liebe einhorns,
nach einer langen und abenteuerlichen Reise aus Malaysia sind die einhörner nun endlich gesichtet worden und befinden sich auf dem Weg in unsere einhorn-Zentrale in Berlin. Nach einer kurzen Rast und Stärkung schicken wir sie weiter zu euch nach Hause. Damit unsere lieben einhörner & co. dann nicht vor verschlossenen Türen stehen, bitten wir euch eure Lieferadresse nochmal zu überprüfen und uns ggfs. die neue Anschrift mitzuteilen an [email protected]
Thank youuuuuuu.

3/6/15 - Liebe Einhörner! Wir haben uns gemeinsam dazu...

Liebe Einhörner!
Wir haben uns gemeinsam dazu entschieden, noch weitere 60 sexy Days mit euch auf Startnext zu verbringen!
Auf unserem Projekt Blog, könnt Ihr ein ausführliches Update dazu lesen:


Vielen Dank für eure ganzen Kommentare und das super Feedback macht weiter! Wir bauen alles ein! #MAKEMAGICHAPPEN #waldIInMalaysia #TVShow #T-ShirtsKommen #54.000CondomsSold #TellAllyourFriends

Eure einhörner!


Videogott Marco Woldt

Marco ist mit uns durch den Dschungel über Schlangen gegangen, bei 40 Grad in einer Kondomfabrik stundenlang auf dem Boden gelegen und hat einfach ein geiles Händchen für die Kamera und die Story! Danke Dir Marco für ein gigantisches Crowdfunding-Video!
Deine einhörner.

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