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"Product of a Failed State - Liberia" is a documentary film about a generation of young entrepreneurs in post-war Liberia. The film will portray some of these men and women and take a look at the recovery of a former "failed state".
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4/26/12 - 6/12/12
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8,000 €
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What is this project all about?

"Product of a Failed State - Liberia" is a documentary film about a generation of young entrepreneurs in post-war Liberia.

Formerly classified as a "failed state", Liberia has gone through two civil wars and unspeakable horrors, but optimism is on the rise. Liberians are returning home from exile, foreign investments start pouring in and more than a hundred companies are incorporated every week.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

"Product of a Failed State" wants to change the way we look at Liberia by focusing on the country's present developments and let young enterpreneurs put their country back on the map.

Why would you support this project?

I stronly believe that our image of countries like Liberia is biased, based on stereotypes and the past, rather than the reality of our days. Everyone should get a chance to see both sides of the story and especially people with an interest in the developing world, nation-building and African entrepreneurship as well as all those with a passion for documentary film should be looking forward to watching "Product of a Failed State".

We are also looking for equipment sponsorships (Video-DSLR Accessories). For details and any questions regarding the project, please contact me at [email protected] ! You can also find details and additional information at .

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The budget will cover the following expenses:

- Crew including fixers, sound, guides when needed, etc.
- Transport to and within Liberia
- Other On-Location Expenses in Liberia
- Additional Equipment
- Production of Promotional Materials (e.g.: DVDs to be sent to distribution companies)
- Music and Voice-Over

Exceeding funds would be used for:

- Possibly Follow-Up Episodes of "Product of a Failed State" in other Countries.
- Support of a Company Start-Up in Liberia

The timeframe has not been finalized, but in addition to a 2-months shoot in Liberia, at least 3 months will be required for post-production. Please remember that this will be a feature length documentary and let me assure you that I will not only invest an enormous amount of time but also quite a bit of my own funds.

Who are the people behind the project?

Chris Veits

I am currently a post-grad student in Conflict Journalism with a undergraduate degree in Media Management and TV-Production. Over the years, I have been involved in visual media projects on three continents (fiction and non-fiction video, television and movie concepts). Originally from Austria, I have also lived in Hong Kong, Germany, France, the United States, China and Denmark and therefore speak German, English, Chinese as well as French.
Additionally, I have traveled to conflict and disaster zones before (Iraq and Pakistan).

At different stages of the production, I will receive support from additional crew members. This can include crew to help with camera and sound work, visual effects during post production and fixers and guides in Liberia.

Some of them are:
My old friend Pochano from Monrovia. He will add greatly to this film with his sound recording expertise and will be of great help on location. J Lau from China will be supporting the project in questions regarding music. She is studying film composing in the United States and is a great musician. Peter from Germany has joined as Post Production Consultant. And my brother Mike, who is teaching history and specializing in US migration issues will be assisting with research and theory. I am incredibly excited that they are part of this project.

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