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The sequel to FUCK IT – I'M ALIVE ! – the art project about out-living breast cancer – and the first exhibition with photos of men.

Men get breast cancer too! We draw attention to the disease with a photo series and are showing the new, large-format portraits together with already known motifs from the first series for the first time in a pop-up exhibition in the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf in mid-June 2023. The exhibition will be accompanied by a forum day in which we discuss photography, identity and the disease with representatives from art, medicine, the Healing Culture Network and our protagonists.
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5/15/23 - 6/20/23
Exhibition 15. – 18.06.2023
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Minimum amount (Start level): 8,000 €

It enables the realization of the exhibition and the forum day.

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Primary sustainable development goal

What is this project all about?

We photograph and interview women and men suffering from breast cancer. Through exhibitions, we create visibility among a wide audience and encourage identification among those affected, but also call for discourse in society to combat the stigmatization that arises around the disease and to bring the topic up for discussion.

Men with breast cancer face different challenges than women. For one thing, it is virtually unknown that men can develop breast cancer at all. On the other hand, they find themselves in woman's hospital wards and confronted with a therapy and environment that is exclusively geared towards women.

n the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf ( we now have the unique opportunity to draw attention to breast cancer in men and to increase visibility and dialogue. The NRW Forum is an international exhibition center for photography, pop and digital culture. It picks up on current social issues and translates them into high-energy, dialogic formats. So we will not only exhibit our photographs there, but also network and enlighten as part of an interdisciplinary forum day.

The forum day planned for Friday, June 16th, 2023 brings different disciplines together and invites to a discussion. Lectures and panel discussions are planned from the fields of (gender) medicine, psycho-oncology, radiation therapy as well as art and art sciences and of course the protagonists of FUCK IT - I'M ALIVE! series to speak. In addition to education and awareness on the subject of breast cancer and breast cancer in men in particular, the positions and possibilities of art are discussed and displayed. The forum day will be held together with the Healing Culture Network, represented by Insa Schrader and Dr. Elke Backes, art historian and representative of KURA Concepts.

The original project FUCK IT – I'M ALIVE! came about when photographer Iris Edinger, along with designer Jazek Poralla, suggested that their friend Marjorieth Sanmartin, who had breast cancer, photograph them. Iris Edinger felt that she could best counter her own insecurity and speechlessness in the face of her friend's illness with her ability to take photographs and wanted to create a documentation for Marjorieth's children so that they could see what their mother was going through and coping with during the time she was ill.

FUCK IT - I'M ALIVE! This sentence goes back to Marjorieth Sanmartin's answer to cancer and henceforth became the motto that stands over the entire work. Due to the provocative choice of words, this sentence is also a signal to the public. He embodies the attitude to life of holding on to what you have: I'm alive, that's what counts!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The project affects several target groups: On the one hand, we want to use art and photography to make the topic visible to the public and to enlighten them. The large-format photos leave the viewer with no choice but to look and confront their own feelings and thoughts. "Look at me, look!" seem to say the protagonist.

Of course, we also speak to sick people and their environment: family, friends, acquaintances and work colleagues. We confront those who are interested in photography and art and museum visitors with a topic that they might not otherwise have had any contact with, and we also provide gender-neutral information here.

Why would you support this project?

From the shadow of the disease into the public spotlight:
Every individual who knows about breast cancer in men means more of a check-up.
You take the topic of breast cancer in men out of the taboo zone and make sure that men are no longer looked at without understanding when they go to the doctor.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money will be used for the preparation, the photo shoots, the organization and realization of the exhibition and the forum day. We are planning an exhibition catalog for the entire series of works (17 protagonists and approx. 200 pages), hoodies to make you feel good and to spread the project, and we are also planning a special edition here. Excess funds flow 100% into the continuation of the project - be it with men or women! – i.e. in new photo shoots, image productions and the organization of further exhibitions.

Who are the people behind the project?

Iris Edinger
Photographer and visual artist with a focus on artistic black and white photography in Düsseldorf.

Jazek Poralla
Dipl. Designer with various awards (reddot communication award, if design award, German Design Award – special mention, Type Directors Club, Stiftung Buchkunst – the most beautiful German book, Junior Corporate Design Award, Output Award).

Marjorieth Sanmartin

Breastcancer Warrior and Creative Mind. Memberships in the Art Directors Club Europe, 3 years jury chairperson of the illustration jury of the Art Directors Club in Germany.


What are the sustainable development goals of this project?

Primary sustainable development goal


Why does this project contribute to this goal?

Das Projekt engagiert sich für

  • Mentale und körperliche Gesundheit
  • Aufklärung und Ermutigung zur Vorsorge
  • Integration und Entstigmatisierung von (Krebs-)erkrankten
  • Gleichstellung von Männern und Frauen

This project also pays toward those goals

Gender equality
Reduced inequality

The crowdfunding project was not successful and can no longer be supported.

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Iris Edinger
Morsestr. 18
40215 Düsseldorf Deutschland
USt-IdNr.: DE815315645

6/2/23 - Wir konnten die Werbetrommeln noch nicht so...

Wir konnten die Werbetrommeln noch nicht so rühren, wie wir wollten. Wir werden die Ausstellung durchziehen und zur Not aus privaten Rücklagen finanzieren. Es freuen sich schon zu viele Menschen und unsere wunderbaren Protagonist:innen darauf. Wir nehmen keine Eintrittsgelder um möglichst viele Menschen zu erreichen und erwarten auch keine Einnahmen aus dem Verkauf von Bildern. Dem steht die ganze Organisation, Mieten, Logistik, Produktions-/Werbekosten für Ausstellung und Forumstag entgegen.

FUCK IT – IT'S MEN! Not only women get breast cancer.

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