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A feature documentary about female singers living inside Iran, their daily life and their deepest wish: "I want my voice to be heard..."

An impossible dream will be set in the world of Iranian reality in 2019. Thanks to Instagram it becomes viral: from all parts of the multi-ethnic country singers are contacted with the aim to meet in Esfahan. The film shows how music emerges at the roots of life and finds its way into the world with primordial power. Whether at the age of 15 or 97 years, the impressive voices of these women touch us at heart, their courage and their personalities cast a spell on us.
Funding period
11/28/19 - 1/5/20
30. Nov. 2019 - 15. Jan. 2020
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Minimum amount (Start level): 10,000 €

Costs for Translation, Subtitles, Sound Postproduction, Colour Grading, Mastering, Grafic Design and Festival-Submission

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What is this project all about?

Since 1979 singing in public is forbidden for women in Iran. For several years, starting in 2015, the Iranian ethnomusicologist Yalda Yazdani and the German filmmaker Andreas Rochholl have been travelling through Iran to meet and film female singers in all parts of this multi-ethnic, diverse country. During this time they created a network between those women, other musicians and their friends. They further realised a music festival twice in Berlin to present those voices. In 2019 the producer and filmmaker Sebastian Leitner joined the team to start work on a very different feature documentary. From October to November 2019 they could finish the filming inside Iran just shortly before the Internet-Shutdown in Iran. In NOvember - December they are working on the Editing. For the Postproduction we still need financial support.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

During the festival "Female Voice of Iran" in Berlin in 2017/2018 there was an overwhelming interest from audience of all age, Iranians and Non-Iranians and the media. The film is made for everyone who wants to know more about Iran than the daily news from TV or who is interested to see how female singers in Iran realize their artistic life.

Why would you support this project?

By supporting this project you help those female artists inside Iran, that their solo voices can be heard in the world because in their own country it is forbidden. With your support you help to overcome prejudice about Iran and to spread around the deep and diverse quality of the Iranian culture.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

With your support we will finance the post production and - in the case we reach the second goal, we will invite those women to participate during the premiere of the film and produce a DVD in Farsi to help the film becomes more popular inside Iran too.

Who are the people behind the project?

-Andreas Rochholl, filmmaker and Artistic Director of Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin. He produced ca. 50 international Musiktheatre, Musikfilms and festivals.
-Yalda Yazdani, Musikethnologist from Esfahan/Iran, since 10 year she is working on this topic. PHD Student in Cologne.
-Sebastian Leitner, Filmmaker, Editor und Producer from Berlin and manager of SLFILM Media (has already produced 3 Feature films for cinema)

Cast & Crew
Director Andreas Rochholl
Producer Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin
Associate Producer Yalda Yazdani, Sebastian Leitner
Editor Sebastian Leitner
Sound Mixer Volker Wendisch
Sound Recordist Lorenz Brehm, Daniel Weingarten
Camera Sebastian Leitner, Andreas Rochholl, Christoph Wieland
Production Manager Yalda Yazdani
Production Company KADMOS Produktion & SLFILM media
World Sales EuroArts Music International

Main characters
Baran Mozafari - Folk Singer, Persian Gulf
Mina Deris - Arabic folk singer, Abadan, SW of Iran
Samin Ghorbani - Azari folk singer, Ardabil, NW of Iran
Maliheh Moradi - Classical Iranian singer, Tehran
Jamileh Amaniyan - Turkmen folk singer, Gonbad-e-Kavus, NE of Iran
Mahya Hamedi - Jazz singer, Teheran
Maedeh Tabatabaei - Classical Iranian singer, Esfahan
Sahar Zibaei - Kurdish folk singer, Kermanshah
Haleh Seyfizadeh - Classical Iranian singer, Tehran
Masoomeh Gorginpour - 97 years old clan chief, Qashqai tribe, Central Iran
Shadi Behyar - Pop Singer, Mahabad, NW of Iran
Voice of Negar Mina Deris

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