hejhej-mats utilises a resource that already exists on the planet in abundance: waste. Using foaming off-cuts to produce our yoga mats will give waste a second life. We will close the loop by taking old hejhej-mats back at the end of their lifespan. A highly slip-resistant surface will bring you a peaceful and sustainable yoga practice. The tessellated optic is the result of the recycled materials used and makes every yoga mat unique in its appearance. (Deutsche Seite verfügbar)
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Marie Seiler
Marie Seiler / Projektberater
Yay, the project rocked it and the campaign is successful!


Anna Souvignier
Anna Souvignier1 min Lesezeit

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Wir sind ganz aus dem Häuschen -
hejhej-mats ist schon zu 75% gefunded!
Dank euch, sind wir unserem Ziel so nah. Es fehlen nur noch 25% um unsere nachhaltigen und recycelten Yogamatten fertig zu stellen und unseren Planeten etwas nachhaltiger zu gestalten.
Danke für eure großartige Unterstützung bis jetzt. Zusammen schaffen wir es, unser Ziel zu erreichen.
Erzählt eurer Familie, Freunden und Yoga Begeisterten von unseren nachhaltigen und recycelten Yogamatten.

75% 75% 75%75% 75% 75%75% 75% 75%75% 75% 75%75% 75%

We are out of our mind -
hejhej-mats is already 75% funded!
Thanks to you, we are so close to reaching our final goal. Only 25% are needed to put the finishing touches to our sustainable and recycled yoga mats and to make our planet a little more sustainable.
Thank you for your great support so far. We know, together we will manage to achieve our goal!
Spread the word with your family, friends and fellow yogis and help us reach a 100%.

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