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Mit Liebe unverpackt. Sustainable shopping in Berlin Neukölln / Alt-Treptow, directly on the Weigandufer.

Herbie Unverpackt, is a shop that will sell unpackaged organic food and organic cosmetics. With our project we want to establish a conscious way of grocery shopping. A sustainable life, with as little packaging as possible or nothing at all. We want to take responsibility for our beautiful and finite world and together with you give nature back its space to breathe! #mitliebeunverpackt
Funding period
7/2/20 - 9/13/20
07.2020 to 09.2020
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 10,000 €

We can furnish the shop and offer a basic assortment.

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What is this project all about?

With Herbie Unverpackt we want to make life more sustainable and bring the Zero Waste culture closer to people. Because we prefer to shop unpacked ourselves, we noticed that in Berlin Neukölln and Alt-Treptow an unpacked shop is missing. So we decided to open such a shop ourselves at Elbestraße 19.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

A sustainable lifestyle is very important to more and more people. But it is not always easy to implement this goal in everyday life. Zero waste shopping is a great way to make a difference.

Our primary goal is to make unpackaged shopping accessible to as many Berliners as possible and to show how easy it is to buy without packaging.

Our long-term goal is to build a strong zero waste community in Berlin together with you and to create a platform for exchange and support for all of us to leave a big green footprint in Berlin.

Why would you support this project?

We believe that there should be a zero waste shop in every neighbourhood. Everyone should have the opportunity to shop without packaging, regional and sustainable right around the corner. With your support we can make this possible for Neukölln / Alt-Treptow.
But it is not only for people from the neighbourhood that it is interesting to invest in our sustainable business model. The resources that we conserve are there for all of us.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

If the campaign will be successful, we will expand the store at Elbestraße 19 in 12045 Berlin and do the first renovations, then we could buy containers, a cash register and more to equip the store. Our basic assortment would be also with special products! The purchase costs are huge, so we need your support! We hope that you will be able to buy Zero Waste from Herbie Unverpackt soon.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Carmela and Martin, life and business partners. Carmela comes from a small town at the foot of the Etna, in Sicily. There she grew up in a zero waste society, she used soap for washing clothes and showering, and most of her food she got from the farmer next door. Today she has been living in Berlin for almost 10 years and got to know the Zero Waste Society. And it is exactly this society that she wants to defy with Herbie Unverpackt and bring the Zero Waste culture of her childhood from Sicily to Berlin.

Martin comes from Würzburg and has lived in Berlin for 15 years. In 2011 he founded his first company in the media industry. For Herbie Unverpackt he brings his experience as a partner. He will support Herbie with words and deeds and support Carmela with his love.

Team Herbie Unverpackt

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What does this mean? 
Legal notice
Herbie Unverpackt GmbH
Carmela La Spina
Karl Marx Straße 175
12043 Berlin Deutschland

Herbie Unverpackt GmbH
Carmela La Spina
Karl-Marx-Strasse, 175
12043 Berlin

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Herbie Unverpackt, your new zero waste store in Berlin
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