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In the fight for compensation in court we need staying power. Because those responsible in Austria are stubborn and refuse to take responsibility.

The spotlights in the international media are still on Austria: How does the republic deal with the 6,000 or so Ischgl victims in court? How will the failure of the authorities in March 2020 be handled? Will there be justice? We make sure that the Ischgl scandal is not forgotten. Even if this is going to be a long distance run through the instances. This is exactly where we need your support.
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11/15/21 - 1/6/22
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What is this project all about?

The story in short: The tourism industry in Tyrol earns hundreds of millions in one winter season. In Ischgl that is more than a million Euro per day. That is why in February / March 2020 the protection of guests in Paznauntal and St. Anton from Covid-19 was delayed until it was too late.

The result: Thousands of tourists have been infected with the Corona Virus. But what is more, due to a panic triggered by the Austrian authorities, the virus was distributed to at least 45 different countries. To this day, those responsible authorities refuse to admit any guilt and continue to say: We "did everything right".

For the victims, however, the world looks very different. They have suffered specific damages for which they are entitled to sick leave and compensation for pain and suffering. Survivors of the deceased are also entitled to compensation and funeral payments.

We, the consumer protection association (VSV) , stand behind the victims and represent their interests. Specifically, we support them in preparing and bringing in suits against the Republic of Austria and the tourism industry in Tyrol.
But many victims do not have insurance for legal expenses to cover their costs. Our association is a civil society project. We don't get any public funding and no company is behind us. We want to help and keep fighting, even if the Republic of Austria has so far denied everything that went wrong in Ischgl.

We need your support for this!

As a small independent organisation without bonds or bargains with corporations or governments, the VSV is ideally positioned to address injustice inflicted by state actors and corporations and bring them to court. Our work reaches people in over 50 countries around the world. With our strategic litigation, we do not only seek fair and equitable compensation for injured parties, but also demand sustainable and necessary changes in government policy.

So that something like Ischgl 2020 can never happen again.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We are collecting money to prepare and support sample trials for Ischgl victims against the Republic of Austria and the tourism industry in Tyrol. The more procedures that can be supported, the more likely the federal government or the state of Tyrol will agree to negotiate a settlement. Those responsible should learn to never again put profit above people's health.

Why would you support this project?

  • Do you advocate a strong, just and effective constitutional state?
  • Are you appalled at how the Covid-19 virus was spread from winter sports areas in Tyrol all over the world?
  • You want those responsible to be held accountable?

Then you can help the consumer protection association (VSV) to change this. We have been researching the incidents since March 2020, preparing the facts and filing official liability suits in the name of injured people. Your donation ensures justice for the victims of Ischgl.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Your money will be used to enable us to keep fighting and endure for years in the preparation of media reports (press releases, press conferences, social media, video production) and lawsuits (victim database, surveys, document archive).

Who are the people behind the project?

The Consumer Protection Association (VSV) is completely independent of corporations and the state, helps injured consumers (including single-person businesses and SMEs) worldwide and organizes class actions for mass damages. Dr. Peter Kolba is chairman of the VSV and has stood for independent consumer protection, integrity and justice for decades and will go on doing so, with your help!

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What does this mean? 
Legal notice
Verein zum Schutz von Verbraucherinteressen (Verbraucherschutzverein)
Peter Kolba
Mittelgasse 6/5
1060 Wien Österreich

Der Verbraucherschutzverein (VSV) unterscheidet sich durch drei Prinzipien von vielen anderen Verbraucherorganisationen in Europa bzw in Österreich:

Der VSV ist von der Wirtschaft und vom Staat unabhängig. Der VSV nimmt kein Geld vom Staat, sondern finanziert sich durch Mitgliedsbeiträge, Kostenpauschalen von Anwält*innen und Prozessfinanzierern für erbrachte Leistungen und durch Spenden.

Der VSV vertritt die Interessen von Verbrauchern, egal in welchem Staat sie wohnen oder welche Staatsbürgerschaft sie haben. Die Konzerne handeln längst global – daher darf auch Verbraucherschutz nicht an nationalen Grenzen halt machen.

Der VSV vertritt bei Massenschäden auch die Interessen von Einpersonenunternehmen (EPUs) oder Klein- und Mittelbetrieben (KMUs), da sich die idR in einer ähnlichen strukturellen Unterlegenheit gegenüber Konzernen befinden wie Verbraucher.

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Gerechtigkeit für Ischgl-Opfer
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