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Extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann & the most spectacular triathlon around the world. Help us bring this world record to movie theaters everywhere!

Join us on an adventure into the unknown - a triathlon around the world. For Jonas Deichmann, distance is just a matter of the the right mindset. This multi-world record holding athlete proves that a strong will doesn’t recognize any limits and that anything is possible even with minimal CO2 emissions. Jonas' journey is inspiring - to explore the world while showing how pressing and important it is to preserve our planet. We need your help to bring this special documentary to cinemas everywhere.
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2/15/21 - 3/19/21
October 2020 - March 2022
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Minimum amount (Start level): 25,000 €

With 25,000 EUR we will be able to produce an inspiring, touching documentary and release it on a couple festivals.

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Songwriter Dan Riley writes songs inspired by Jonas adventure

Uwe Nadler
Uwe Nadler2 min Lesezeit

Dan Riley, 37, English born, Irish rooted Singer-Songwriter living in Dresden. Writes songs which are reflections upon everything felt on this journey we call living.

Inspired by Jonas Deichmann's adventures, Dan sat down and wrote several songs.
Impressed by the incredible feat Jonas accomplished while swimming, the song Long Way Out was written. More followed or are in the works. Dan says, "Writing is a process and Jonas impresses me every day."
Currently he has presented us five songs written and composed by himself, with names like: "SOS"; "Stranded"; "Off We Go" or "Altitude."
In the end Dan writes a whole album about Jonas his adventure journey.The title track "Long Way Out" is symbolic of his whole journey, whether swimming in the waves of the Mediterranean, cycling through cold Siberia or running through the vastness of the USA.

You can already buy the album here at the crowdfunding, together with the film.

Long Way Out

Long way out
You’re dead if you swim for shore
Just have to lock it down
No time to be drifting aimlessly around
Wave after wave
Make no mistake
You’re in now so deep there’s no choice left to

Make your stand
Straight like that long light wind
Those calluses on your back
Reminding of days and nights, salt on the skin
it’s no holiday
This voluntary race
But something in the bones that’s pulling you this way

And it’s certainly worth fighting for
Quite possibly worth dying for
To shape the risks we take

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Jonas Deichmann - Triathlon Around the World

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