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At last there is Chucks without any bad karma. This is the next step of Crowdfunding: Crowduction! “Take it or leave it” was yesterday, tomorrow the crowd is going to decide what will be produced. Delivery in July 2013. Music: Dara Sepehri Pictures: Tina Linster, Fair Trade Center Breisgau, TumblR Blogs
31,931 €

First Kick Off Meeting in Berlin. We are ready to start the production!

Van Bo Le-Mentzel
Van Bo Le-Mentzel2 min Lesezeit

Hi folks,
we had a nice Kick Off-meeting last Saturday with Fair Deal Trading Company (with representatives from Colorado (USA), Brighton (UK) and Breisgau (D)), Startnext-CEOs, supporters, journalists, Karma Dealers and friends in Berlin-Kreuzberg at Restaurant V. We had a long discussion till 1 in the morning about Fair Trade and Prosuming. To be continued! The youngest supporter is Judo-Fighter Dario Pugner (16) and we had a guest from far far away Claudius Jaeger (Fair Rubber Initiator) from Colorado (USA) and we also had a surprise guest: Singer Ole Feddersen (Bundesvision Songcontest, The Voice Of Germany, Udo Lindenberg ...).

On Sunday Marc Solterbeck (Production lead) and I made up a plan.
There are 7 targets (A-G), please feel free to add your name under one of these targets on

And if there are any questions, please put them up on sync, so everybody can read them and we don't get spammed by email bombs.

Next To Do is: Design the shoe-Sole (B),
Deadline is Sunday 10. Feb 23:00 Uhr
Watch the campaign and make your vote on monday for your favorite deisgn on

Thanks to photographer Denis Bartelt (startnext-founder) for directing the group-photo.
You all are so awesome!
Van Bo
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